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Weekly Edit #6

Weekly Thoughts
#1 Last weekend I watched so many female superhero cartoons.
I started off by finishing season one of Bee and Puppycat (that last episode tho..) season finale then I binged watched Star vs The Forces Of Evil. If you haven't watched it I would highly recommend it! I've only watched season one but I'm hoping that Hulu will post season 2 soon!

#2 I've been taking advantage of my Hulu account and also started watching Sailor Moon. I never realized how many episodes the original Sailor Moon had. As much as I love the art style of Sailor Moon Crystal I felt like the show lacked personality. Now that I'm watching the 90's original I'm loving all the random episodes in between the main story.

#3 Like I mentioned in my February goals I want to post 2 crochet patterns this month. I already have multiple ideas but as I was working on one of the projects I noticed that it involves so much detail. So I'm thinking instead of posting it as a free pattern I might just start selling the item on my Etsy shop. What are your thoughts on this?

#4 On Tuesday I posted my first Instagram story! I shared a quick review and tutorial on the rubber Mask that I received in the Me To Me Memebox. I ended up loving the mask so I think I will buy it again and post a proper review on it here on my blog. I think I should start posting more on my Instagram story rather than Snapchat because it's more convenient.

#5 This week I also read up on my birth chart. If you haven't read your birth chart you really should because it tells you so much information about yourself. Your chart can tell you all about your personality, love life, job and even death (Apparently, I'm gonna buy of natural causes at an old age). All you need to know is where and what time you were born. It's scary how accurate your chart can be!

#6 I've been doing 30 minutes of yoga for over a week now and I feel amazing! Just a week ago I was in a dark place but now I feel more at ease with myself and I definitely think it's the yoga that's healed me. If you are feeling depressed or sluggish I highly recommend yoga!

#7 This weekend I'm getting a new phone! I've been waiting to get a new phone last year and it's finally happening. I take really good care of my phone and have never dropped, broken the screen break or any technical issues. However, just last week the lower volume button on my phone decided to stop working properly (it doesn't make the click sound when you press it). Note to self, never buy hard cases again! I'm getting the iPhone 7 in rose gold and i'm sooooooo excited!

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  1. I love Sailor Moon! She makes me feel better about how emotional I am honestly. I haven't watched Crystal yet, but the art style does look gorgeous. 😍


    1. Crystal is really pretty but it gets to the Story fast to the point where I didn't enjoy it as much as the original. ♥


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