Can You Feel It? ♥ Weekly Thoughts

Weekly Thoughts
#1 Can I just say that I'm so proud of Highlight/B2ST! I've been a fan of them for years but when they decided to leave their previous company I thought they would just disband like most K-pop groups but they actually decided to create their own company. Now they are back and topping the charts and winning music programs which I'm so proud of! If you haven't listened to Plz Don't Be Sad then you really should.

#2 I went to Sprouts for the first time last weekend and it was amazing! They have so many vegetarian/vegan alternatives and healthy food! I can't wait to visit Sprouts again.

#3 This week it's been too hot for me to function! When I think of Spring I think of 60-70 degree weather.with light winds but Georgia thinks overwise. This week has been filled with isolated storms and 80-degree weather which is too hot for me! Is it Spring or Summer?

#4 Remember when I said I ordered some new Spring clothes? Would you guys be interested in a Spring clothing haul? I never know how to take clothing pictures though because I want to show you the entire piece but don't know how to take a picture without wearing it or using awkward angles. Any tips?

#5 This morning I saw a huge wasp in our house and freaked out! I love spring but I can't stand bugs and sadly spring is when all these bugs wake up. The worst part is that Lucy doesn't like to pee on puppy pads so we always have to open the door for her so she lets in all the bugs.

#6 Goblin update; there is no update because I stopped watching it. I made it to episode 5 and just couldn't get into the drama. If any of you have suggestions for a new drama to start let me know.

#7 Happy Friday! Have a wonderful weekend!

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Mini Kbeauty Haul ♥ Innisfree & Elizavecca

Mini Kbeauty Haul
I use up skincare products like wildfire! It feels like every week I am buying a new Kbeauty product. Last week I bought a couple new items that I wanted to share with you today. It's mainly on Innisfree products but I also threw in another non-Innisfree product. There isn't too much to show so let's get started!

Mini Kbeauty Haul
Innisfree Bija Trouble Facial Foam
I recently finished my Cosrx Low Ph Good Morning Gel Cleanser so I was in need of a new cleanser. Now I would usually buy the same cleanser again because my skin is really picky but I decided against it and bought the Innisfree Biji Trouble Facial Foam. I've been using the cleansing gel from the same collection and it's been working great with my skin so thought maybe the cleanser would work with my skin type as well.

Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Lotion
I was running low on emulsion so I looked for one online and this one popped up. I've heard a lot of positive feedback on the Innisfree Green Tea collection(s) so I decide to buy this emulsion. I'm not crazy about the smell (It smells like men's cologne) but it quickly goes away as it absorbs into the skin. I've only been using this for a couple days but so far so good.

Mini Kbeauty Haul
Elizavecca Gold CF-Nest White Bomb Eye Cream
I know this isn't an Innisfree product but I thought I would sneak it into this haul. This is my second time purchasing the Elizavecca Gold CF-Nest White Bomb Eye Cream. It's a wonderful product that hydrates the eye area. If you are new to eye creams I would recommend this one. A review will be up sometime in April.

Mini Kbeauty Haul
Innisfree It's Real Squeeze Masks
As you guys know I use a sheet mask every night so I go through them pretty quickly. My go-to masks are the Tony Moly I'm Real Sheet Masks and Innisfree It's Real Squeeze Masks. This is my 4-5 time buying a set of Innisfree sheet masks. If you are looking for a set of affordable and good quality masks I recommend the 

Mini Kbeauty Haul
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Mini Happy Planner Spread ♥ First Week Of Spring

Mini Happy Planner Spread
Ever since I bought a Mini MAMBI Happy Planner I wanted to show you guys how I decorate it because it's very different from the original Happy Planner. First off, it's a lot smaller which means there is not as much space to add stickers and to write in. Second, it has a horizontal layout (The original size Happy Planner has a vertical layout) which I'm familiar with because before I started using the MAMBI planners I used a Ban.do planner which also had a horizontal layout. If you would like to see more planner spreads let me know so I can post more in the future.

Mini Happy Planner Spread
Here is an overview of the spread. There was no theme but since this was the first week of spring I wanted a more bright look so I added yellow washi tape to liven things up. The washi tape that I use is actually bigger than the lines on the planner but I don't really mind this. I mostly used Sprinkled Pug stickers because I'm currently obsessed with her stickers especially her mini sticker sheets because they are the perfect fit for this planner.

Mini Happy Planner Spread Here is a close up. I divided the boxes in half to create more space. On the left side I have my tasks I want to accomplish that day. On the right side, I have a section for my workouts. I find writing down my workouts encourages me to exercise more, something about marking each workout video satisfies me. I use a bullet style checklist instead of a simple 'X' or check mark because I like filling in the circles. lol

One of my favorite things about this planner is that it features a note section with a cute weekly box. Each week offers a different quote, weekly highlight, word of the week, etc. This week they included a quote. "Everything is hard before it is easy."

Mini Happy Planner Spread
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Pony Effect Customizing Lip Palette ♥ Beauty Review

Pony Effect Customizing Lip Palette Review
Can we just talk about how amazing this palette it? The rose gold palette is just so beautiful! I'm not even someone who is a fan of rose gold colored things and I was drawn to this palette! The Pony Effect Customizing Lip Palette is exactly that - a palette where you can personalize your own lip color. I bought this a couple months ago and I thought I would share my thoughts on the palette and whether it's worth your money or not.

For those who don't know who Pony is, she's a famous Korean makeup artist who also makes videos on Youtube. Pony Effect her line that she collaborated with Memebox. I've always wanted a product from Pony Effect and this is my first product and I'm really excited to share it with you all! Let's get started!

Pony Effect Customizing Lip Palette Beauty Review
The palette comes with a sheet of stickers that you can use to decorate your palette with. Not gonna lie this was one of the reasons why I decided to buy the palette. hehe

Pony Effect Customizing Lip Palette Review
Pony Effect Customizing Lip Palette Beauty Review
Pony Effect Customizing Lip Palette Beauty Review
(Top row of colors from left to right) #Angelic, # Sexy, #Sensual, # Cool and #Vibrant

Pony Effect Customizing Lip Palette Beauty Review
(Bottom row of colors from left to right) #Glamorous, # Dazzling, #Charming, # Bubbly and #Fascinating

Pony Effect Customizing Lip Palette Beauty Review
"This super customizable palette stars 5 base colors and 5 tone-adjusting hues so you can play around with endless shades to perfect any look. The sleep case even features a thumb hole so you can create your masterpiece with effortless hold and ease. Plus, it comes with a nifty dual-ended brush with a pointed silicone end for mixing and a flat end for smooth application."

- Moisturizing
- Pretty packaging
- Pigmented
- Blend well
- Creamy
- Free from parabens, alcohol, and sulfates
- Cruelty free

- Feels cheap
- Messy
- Thumb hole was unnecessary
- Palette too reflective

My Experience
The Pony Effect Customizing Lip Palette comes with 10 lip shades, a dual ended brush with spatula, a mirror, mixing plate and a thumb hole all encased in a very trendy rose gold palette. The lip colors are surprisingly more pigment than they look, they're also creamy and moisturizing on the lips. The also colors blend in easily with each other creating gorgeous shades. The palette comes with two mirrors but you are supposed to use the bottom one for mixing the colors together.

On the other hand, the palette feels really light almost cheap, doesn't feel like $35 palette to me. Another strange thing that I wasn't a fan was how reflective this palette is not the best for taking blog photos of but that's just my opinion. The stickers obviously helped but let's just say I had to use lots of different angles to get all these photos. When mixing the shades it can get messy so make sure to wipe the spatula in between each use to avoid the colors from mixing into each other. Since this palette is so shiny this means you can also get fingerprints all over the outside of the palette!

You can purchase the Pony Effect Customizing Lip Palette here

Pony Effect Customizing Lip Palette Beauty Review
This is a mini pamphlet that comes with the palette. It shows you some of the possible color combinations you can create. Sorry, I couldn't share swatches of the colors but my swatches never turn out that great anyways. Just google if you curious what the shades look like.

Pony Effect Customizing Lip Palette Beauty Review
Pony Effect Customizing Lip Palette Review
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First Week Of Spring ♥ Weekly Thoughts

Weekly Thoughts
#1 It's finally Spring my favorite season! The weather, pastel colors and floral frilly fashion I love everything about Spring!

#2 It was national puppy day yesterday. I don' have many photos of Lucy (Will post some on my Instagram later today) when she was a puppy but she's a small dog so she always looks like a puppy anyways. lol

#3 As I told you last weekend I started watching the drama Goblin and I thought it would be fun to give you small updates on here every week because it takes me forever to finish a drama. I am only 2 episodes in so I don't have that much to say but let's just say the main relationship is kind of uncomfortable to watch. I really hope they skip a couple years so that the girl ages a couple years because if not than this is only going to be just like the drama Big (Which is funny because Gong Yoo is also in that drama).

#4 Last weekend I ordered some new clothes. Whenever I have extra cash I usually spend it on skincare, makeup or something useless. Because of this I always wear the same 6 pieces of clothing so I'm glad to have finally get some new Spring clothing.

#5 IU pre-released a new song from her upcoming album. I'm so ready to hear some new music from IU she's one of my favorite Korean singers!

#6 This week I ran out cleanser, eye cream and emulsion. I go through skincare pretty fast but when multiple products run out at the same time it can be annoying. This means a skincare haul is on the way!

#7 I am pretty sure that my room is connected to a different universe because there are times when I drop things on the floor and they magically disappear. For example, once I dropped a flower pot (One of those clay colored pots that you can get at Michael's) and looked everywhere and couldn't find it anywhere! I've rearranged my room tons of times but never found it. WHERE DID IT GO!?! This recently happened when I was giving Lucy a treat. I keep a couple treats in my room for when Lucy comes into my room and the other day I dropped one on the floor (She didn't see it) and it was gone! Another time I threw one on my bed and Lucy kept sniffing for it and she never found it. Why does this only happen in my room? Does this happen to anyone else or is my room just part of another world?

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Morning & Evening Tag

The other day I saw this tag and had such enjoyment reading that post that I decided to tag myself in and share some morning and evening questions with you all.

1. What's your beauty morning routine?
I start by splashing cold water on my face to wake myself up. Next, I use toner, leftover sheet mask essence, emulsion, moisturizer, eye cream and finish off with sunscreen. For specific details, you can read my morning skincare routine here.

2. What's for breakfast?
If I'm working I usually will have some yogurt with a banana. On days I stay at home I will take some extra time and cook some oatmeal on the stove with fruit - my go-to breakfast.

3. Coffee or tea?
Both! How could I pick just one! I prefer coffee more though but lately, I've been enjoying London fogs.

4. How long does it take you to get out the door?
Depends on how I woke up but usually less than 30 minutes.

5. What's your go-to makeup look on a fuss-free morning?
BB Cream or a cushion, concealer, brows, mascara and some lip tint.

1. What's your evening beauty routine?
My nighttime skincare routine is extremely lengthy! I follow the 10-step Korean skincare routine so it would be really confusing if I talk about here so I will post a night routine soon.

2. Snack time! What's in the bowl?
Whatever is around. lol

3. How do you wind down and prep for bed?
Wash my face, place a sheet mask on and play Animal Crossing until the mask dries.

4. Cozy up! What are you wearing to sleep?
A PINK sweatshirt and some legging blacks.

5. What are some things you have to do before hitting the hay?
Spray some lavender chamomile pillow mist, apply some foot lotion and snuggle next to Lucy.

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Pokemon Sun and Moon ♥ Game Review

Pokemon Sun and Moon Review
The other day I was watching Cake Wars and they were making cakes inspired by Pokemon, that's when I remembered I still hadn't posted my Pokemon Sun/Moon review! I preordered Pokemon Moon and received it the day after it was released. I didn't know much about the main story before playing which made the game more of a surprise and delightful. The only thing I did know was what the 3 starters and trainers looked like. With that said, I still haven't finished playing the entire game yet but I will cover all the main parts and whether it's worth playing or not. Surely you enjoy this review even though it's a long overdue. Better late than never, right? hehe

Pokemon Sun and Moon Review
Pokemon Sun and Moon Review
You start off in the Alola region which is made up of four main islands. Of course with every new Pokemon game means tons of new Pokemon! Starting with the three main starters Rowlet, Litten and Popplio (Guess who I picked?). Once you pick your companion you to will have the cutest first encounter ever and set forth your adventures.

Unlike in other Pokemon games, you don't go around battling gym leaders instead you go on trials. In these trials, you are tested and have to battle powerful captains who will reward you if you manage to complete said trails. When I first learned about the trials I was really disappointed to learn this because I was looking forward to the epic gym encounters. However, don't be deceived some of the trails can be quite challenging! Whilst on your journey you will encounter some ruffians from Team Skull who will try to sidetrack you from your main objective.

Overall thoughts, well I actually liked the Alola region more then I thought I would. I'm not a huge fan of tropical areas but the island(s) quickly grew on me. The new Pokemon additions were charming (I definitely found some new favorites, like Mimikyu). I also love the new battle system and how you can look around your area as you battle opponents. Speaking of battles, you get some special move called z-moves which are powerful attacks your Pokemon can use whilst in battle. Another new addition to Pokemon Sun/Moon are Poke rides. These are a new form of transportation that you can get through the Alola region. You can pick specific Pokemon (which you don't even need to catch) to transport you faster on land water or even in the sky!

The only downside that I can think of is that the story is longer then I would've liked, which is something that a lot of other players complained about as well. There are so many cut scenes that interrupt you on your journey. Aside from that, I can't think of anything major that bothered me.

You can purchase Pokemon Moon here.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Review
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My Daily Routine & Blogging Rut ♥ Weekly Thoughts

Weekly Thoughts
#1 I am so glad it's the weekend! I want to start a new Korean drama this weekend. I was thinking of starting Goblin because it was one of the best dramas that came out last year (In my opinion Weightlighting Kim Bok Joo was the best drama of 2016!). Have any of you seen Goblin?

#2 Thank goodness for DAY6. They are my current favorite band. They are a K-pop group band that plays soft rock/alternative music. I've been a fan of them since their first single, Congratulations. This year they are releasing a new single every month and they're the best! Before I discovered K-pop I was into rock and alternative music, that's probably why I adore their music so much! My current favorite song by them is How Can I Say.

#3 I finally bought keychains this week. I want to sell cute bag charms and keychains in my shop. I have a couple ideas but I haven't tried crocheting any of them yet so wish me luck! I will update you guys if they come out well.

#4 Last week, I watched Moana for the first time and it's was gorgeous! There were so many beautiful scenes that I was in awe whilst watching. Also, the songs are so catching! I've been secretly listening to the whole album all week! hehe

#5 This week my goal was to workout 4-5 times a week and rest on the weekend. I decided to start the Blogilates because I like how you can access all the videos all in one place. I have a love and hate relationship with Blogilates but it's what I've decided to use to stay active, for now. I forgot how sore you get when you start working out. Arm day was Tuesday and I'm still feeling sore and it's Friday!

#6 I've mentioned Sprinkled Pug before. It's a sticker shop that offers a variety of kawaii stickers. Well if you follow her Instagram you know that every once in a while she sells $1 mini stickers sheets. I have been buying a couple of these sheets to use in my mini Happy Planner because they are the perfect size for it! I still use the regular sizes but prefer to use the mini stickers in my planner because they take up less space.

#7 I am currently in a blogging rut. I can't think of any worthy blog post ideas or pictures that look decent. If you blog often then you know that these come and go from time to time. The other day I took multiple blog pictures but when I was editing them they all looked terrible. Hopefully, this weekend I can snap some better photos.

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Mask-a-holic Value Set ♥ Memebox Haul

Memebox Haul
Memebox released a new sheet mask value set not too long ago and I definitely had to get this set because the masks were too cute to pass up! The set costs $25 and comes with 14 character masks.

Memebox Haul
The main reason I wanted this set was because of these adorable masks! I never heard of the brand nor the masks before but the packaging is the cutest I have ever seen on any masks before.

Memebox Haul
NIVEOLA 3D Animal Mask Packs
These are animal-inspired by animal and printed onto masks. Each mask is soaked with different ingredients to help enhance your skin's appearance.

Memebox Haul
NIVEOLA 3D Festival Mask Packs
These are masquerade-inspired sheet masks all infused with different nutrients to make your skin feel amazing. I think these only cover your eye area so they won't be able to cover up any other area on your face which is a shame.

Memebox Haul
URBAN DOLLKISS Dr. 119 Lovely Animal Masks
I thought these were just regular sheet masks but I was wrong. Last night, I actually used the otter mask and there was a blue otter printed on the sheet mask (why blue tho?). The essence was also a tad bit sticky but my face felt silky and brightened afterward. I'm curious to see what the lamb mask will look like.

Memebox Haul
Bonvivant Hydro Nude Gel Masks
Whilst I was browsing Memebox I noticed that Bonvivant had a new series of mask called Hydro Nude Gel so I added a set to test them out. The set came with 6 masks (Two of each variation) and a kitty headband.

I've already tried these masks and wasn't a fan of them. The gel mask was odd and my skin didn't feel moisturized after using them. The gel mask just sat on my skin so I wouldn't buy these again.

Memebox Haul
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23 Random Facts About Me

Facts About Me
It's been a while since I posted some unknown facts about me. Since I have a couple new followers I thought it would be a perfect time to post another one. If you're bored and want to know some more random things about me you can view my past facts and tags.

1. I can easily make myself laugh. I've had plenty of those awkward moments where you say a joke and you are the only one who laughs.

2. Baymax is my favorite Disney character. Marie is my second.

3. I have a major sweet tooth!

4. I'm 80% sure that I don't want any children.

5. I hate taking pictures of myself. I may regret this one day when I am older but whatever.

6. I want to live in a different country.

7. I feel naked without any nail polish on.

8. I hate it when people touch my things without asking permission. I can usually always tell when someone moves my things anyways so I will find out!

9. My favorite ride at Disney World is the It's A Small Word ride. It's so cute!

10. Spirited Away is my least favorite Studio Ghibli movie. The part where her parent's turned into pigs scared me for life! Plus. the noises the no face spirit makes. I can watch the movie but a lot of the scenes in the movie are creepy.

11. Speaking of Studio Ghibli, my favorite movies are My Neighbor Totoro, Kiki's Delivery Service, and Howl's Moving Castel.

12. I've never dyed my hair before but I would love to dye it a cotton candy pink or a milk tea color one day.

13. Summer is my least favorite season even though I'm a summer baby.

14. I never read or watched anything Harry Potter related nor am I interested in it.

15. Adventure Time is my all-time favorite show!

16. I own over 30 pairs of black leggings. Last time I counted I had 32.

17. I am a magazine hoarder.

18. I'm a horrible writer and I know it! I wish I could type out everything the way I have it structured in my head but I never can. I'm so jealous of those who can. Sometimes I don't post anything at all because I think my

19. Whenever I need to feel inspired I listen to the Hamilton soundtrack.

20. I hate having too many apps on my phone. All I need is one page of apps laid out in front of me. I don't need useless game apps that take up space on my phone (I would much rather play my 3DS anyways). So never ask for a what's on my phone post because it wouldn't be entertaining.

21.I can't remember the last time I got my hair cut but I need to go soon because my hair is so long that it's getting on my nerves.

22. I am a visual person and learn better when I see something instead of reading the instructions or having them read to me.

23. My go-to pizza in pineapple with spinach. Btw we can't be friends if you can't respect my pizza topping choices. lol jk

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Sick Again ♥ Weekly Thoughts

Weekly Thoughts
#1 On Sunday, I had that throat itch feeling you have when you first start feeling sick. Then on Monday afternoon I felt horrible and have stayed in bed since.

#2 My sick diet consisted of nothing but liquids. I even finished a whole box of tea and Emergen-C in just 5 days!

#3 What did I do whilst sick? I literally laid on my bed and thought about how I got sick. I should've watched a series or movie on Netflix but I feel like I wouldn't have been able to concentrate on the show.

#4 It's almost spring which means it's almost shedding season for long haired pets. Lucy has already started shedding but I know this is only the beginning and keep in mind that Lucy's Pomeranian fur is really long!

#5 This weekend I am going to attempt to make these lemon scones. I've been craving scones since last week and I'm hoping to crush that craving this weekend.

#6 After feeling like crap for a week I am ready to start building a strong immune system because I don't want to get sick ever again! Any tips?

#7 I am feeling a lot better today. I still have a slight cough but I can finally do things without getting a headache or coughing out a lung.

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Lifestyle Favorites ♥ February 2017

February 2017 Lifestyle Favorites
This month I had a couple of lifestyle favorites that I would like to share. If you are interested in what beauty items I reached for the most check out my February favorites here. Let's get started!

February 2017 Lifestyle Favorites
Kawaii Alpacas: A Super Cute Coloring Book
I did a delightful flip through of Kawaii Alpacas in early February. Since then I have colored a couple pages. I like listening to relaxing music or instrumentals (like rainy day Animal Crossing music) whilst coloring. Now I'm looking for a matching set of quality colored pencils if anyone has suggestions please let me know.

Just Chocolate Chunk Cookies
I've been obsessed with these cookies for months but always forget to mention them in a favorites post. These are vegan chocolate chunk cookies by Just, a vegan brand. Just offers a bunch of other products suitable for vegans such as mayo, dressings, cookies and cookie dough. I also love their Sweet Mustard and Mayo! I thought about making a post on Just products, would you guys be interested in that?

Sanrio Amiibo Cards
I finally completed my Sanrio Amiibo card collection! A couple of months ago I bought 3 packets of the Sanrio Amiibo cards but only got half the collection (the rest were repeats). My friend Jenny gotten some doubles as well and helped me finish my collection. The villagers in the RVs are the cutest thing!

February 2017 Lifestyle Favorites
Girl Scout Smores Cookies
It's Girl Scout cookie season! I've always been a supporter of the Girl Scout mainly because I always wanted to be one but never got the chance. This year they came out with S'mores flavored cookies so I had to taste them and they taste amazing! They're not as amazing as the shortbread or Thanks-A-Lot cookies - my favorite, which btw they don't even sell in my state! Why are Girl Scout cookies regional?

Poochy + Yoshi's Woolly World
This month's game was Poochy and Yoshi's Woolly World. I finished it not too long ago but still want to go back and complete the extra levels. I'm determined to complete the whole game! You can read my review on it here.

February 2017 Lifestyle Favorites

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