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Weekly Edit #12

Weekly Thoughts
#1 It's finally Spring my favorite season! The weather, pastel colors and floral frilly fashion I love everything about Spring!

#2 It was a national puppy day yesterday. I don' have many photos of Lucy (Will post some on my Instagram later today) when she was a puppy but she's a small dog so she always looks like a puppy anyways. lol

#3 As I told you last weekend I started watching the drama Goblin and I thought it would be fun to give you small updates on here every week because it takes me forever to finish a drama. I am only 2 episodes in so I don't have that much to say but let's just say the main relationship is kind of uncomfortable to watch. I really hope they skip a couple years so that the girl ages a couple years because if not then this is only going to be just like the drama Big (Which is funny because Gong Yoo is also in that drama).

#4 Last weekend I ordered some new clothes. Whenever I have extra cash I usually spend it on skincare, makeup or something useless. Because of this I always wear the same 6 pieces of clothing so I'm glad to have finally got some new Spring clothing.

#5 IU pre-released a new song from her upcoming album. I'm so ready to hear some new music from IU she's one of my favorite Korean singers!

#6 This week I ran out of the cleanser, eye cream, and emulsion. I go through skincare pretty fast but when multiple products run out at the same time it can be annoying. This means a skincare haul is on the way!

#7 I am pretty sure that my room is connected to a different universe because there are times when I drop things on the floor and they magically disappear. For example, once I dropped a flower pot (One of those clay-colored pots that you can get at Michael's) and looked everywhere and couldn't find it anywhere! I've rearranged my room tons of times but never found it. WHERE DID IT GO!?! This recently happened when I was giving Lucy a treat. I keep a couple treats in my room for when Lucy comes into my room and the other day I dropped one on the floor (She didn't see it) and it was gone! Another time I threw one on my bed and Lucy kept sniffing for it and she never found it. Why does this only happen in my room? Does this happen to anyone else or is my room just part of another world?


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