Mask-a-holic Value Set ♥ Memebox Haul

Memebox Haul
Memebox released a new sheet mask value set not too long ago and I definitely had to get this set because the masks were too cute to pass up! The set costs $25 and comes with 14 character masks.

Memebox Haul
The main reason I wanted this set was because of these adorable masks! I never heard of the brand nor the masks before but the packaging is the cutest I have ever seen on any masks before.

Memebox Haul
NIVEOLA 3D Animal Mask Packs
These are animal-inspired by animal and printed onto masks. Each mask is soaked with different ingredients to help enhance your skin's appearance.

Memebox Haul
NIVEOLA 3D Festival Mask Packs
These are masquerade-inspired sheet masks all infused with different nutrients to make your skin feel amazing. I think these only cover your eye area so they won't be able to cover up any other area on your face which is a shame.

Memebox Haul
URBAN DOLLKISS Dr. 119 Lovely Animal Masks
I thought these were just regular sheet masks but I was wrong. Last night, I actually used the otter mask and there was a blue otter printed on the sheet mask (why blue tho?). The essence was also a tad bit sticky but my face felt silky and brightened afterward. I'm curious to see what the lamb mask will look like.

Memebox Haul
Bonvivant Hydro Nude Gel Masks
Whilst I was browsing Memebox I noticed that Bonvivant had a new series of mask called Hydro Nude Gel so I added a set to test them out. The set came with 6 masks (Two of each variation) and a kitty headband.

I've already tried these masks and wasn't a fan of them. The gel mask was odd and my skin didn't feel moisturized after using them. The gel mask just sat on my skin so I wouldn't buy these again.

Memebox Haul
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