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12 Wonderful Things

12 Things Over The Weekend
Last week was more eventful for me than most weeks so I decided I would post some things that happened to me from the previous week. Let me know if you guys enjoy these short but sweet posts.

- Took Lucy to the vet, twice.
- Saw a wild Turkey.
- I went to Target 4 times (3 of those were in a row).
- Bought some Tsum Tsum socks.
- Saw two of the biggest dogs I have ever seen.
- On Friday night, my sister and I heard a loud noise in our neighborhood. Later we realized it was just some stray cats having loud sex.
- Watched High School Musical 2.
- Received the sweetest k-beauty care package from Michelle. Check out her blog and Instagram if you love Kbeauty!
- I went out to eat with my family and ate something over 1000 calories.....and finished it. Not the best decision I made over the weekend.
- Spent pretty much my whole paycheck (remember I said I wasn't gonna buy anything? lol).
- I listened to IU's new album about 7 times.
- Sold 4 items on Depop.

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