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Since I didn't publish any favorites posts this month I thought I would include a couple of my current favorite bits with you. I might feature some of these in my April favorites so consider this a sneak peek.

Watching // I'm actually watching a couple of different shows at the moment which is odd because I never watch that many shows at the same time but I've been watching these programs in the background while I'm doing something else. Another show I want to start watching again is Avatar: The Last Air Bender but sadly it's not on Hulu or Netflix. Does anybody know where I can watch it?

The Office - I wanted a comical show that I could newly enjoy and since I never any of the seasons from The Office entirely I decide to start watching from season 1.

Sailor Moon R - A couple months ago I mentioned that I had been watching the original Sailor Moon from the beginning. I currently on the Sailor Moon R portion of the series. As you can see I'm not much of a binge-watcher. lol

The Great British Bake Off - I follow a lot of British bloggers and every now and then they would mention The Great British Bake Off so I always made a mental note to watch it if the chance came. One day while browsing through the Netflix catalog I saw that they had this show so I began to watch it and love it! All the different desserts they make in one episode is so impressive!

Excited For // Splatoon 2! It's coming out on July 21 a week after my birthday!

Listening //
Lee Hae Ri - Pattern
IU - Can't Love You Anymore
Katy Perry - Chained To The Rhythm
Babylon - Ocean Drive (ft. San E) 
DAY6 - I'm Serious
Hyolyn + Changmo - Blue Moon
Cross Country - HA:TFELT, Kim Bohyung + Suran

Working On // Over the weekend I shared a sneak peek at another one of my crochet projects on my Instagram story. If you saw, let me know what you think of my creations so far. Any feedback is better than none. For those of you who weren't lucky enough to see that story don't worry I will be uploading a posting a crochet update soon.

Eating // Something I've been obsessed with recently is the Chobani Flips. My mom would bring some from work and I was always intrigued by them. On one side there is a flavored yogurt and on the other, are an assorted mix of treats that you flip on top of your yogurt, mix and eat! These are super indulgent and the perfect midday treat. My favorite flavors are the Strawberry Summer Crisp, Carrot Cake Creation, and Cinnamon Bun Fun.

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