Popteen, Kpop & Clawbert ♥ Weekly Edit

Weekly Edit
#1 I think most of us can agree this week has been a crappy week for many reasons. Whenever tragic events happen I don't really address them because I know thousands of other people are thinking the same thoughts as me but they can probably word them better than me. All we can do now is be strong and think positive.

#2 Sistar is disbanding and I'm so upset! I feel like most of the Kpop groups I was introduced to are all breaking up! I wish Sistar would've at least made one more summer comeback before breaking up but oh well.

#3 I finally picked up the latest Popteen issue! I haven't bought any Japanese fashion magazines in months! I kept seeing this Popteen issue on my Instagram feed so I saw it as a sign. Plus, Block B's Zico is on the cover so I had to support!

#4 I started playing Clawbert. It's an adorable claw machine game. If you have nothing to do then download it! You can thank me later. :)

#5 I honestly thought this was the last week of May but no we still have one more week left! lol

#6 What I've been listening to,
Kim Lip - Eclipse
Marmello - Puppet
iKon - B-Day
Roy Kim - Egoist
Twice - Signal

#7 This post really struck a chord with me because it's exactly how I feel. As someone who has struggled with my weight since I was 10 years old this post brought me to tears because I know exactly how it feels to work out so hard and starting ridiculous diets only to see no results. I know lots of people nowadays are all about body confidence but that's easier said than done. I can't seem to love my body the way it is because I always feel uncomfortable in my skin and have even lost interest in my style because I think I won't look as good as a skinny person would in this outfit. I know this may sound ridiculous to some but I can't seem to change these thoughts.
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Mini Skincare Haul ♥ Skin Food, Cotton Labo & Etc.

Mini Skincare Haul
The past two weeks I've been saving some of my recent skincare purchases and saving them for a haul. I bought all these products thanks to Amazon Prime. I love that Amazon carries Korean beauty products, some that you can get within 2 days thanks to Amazon Prime! Today I am sharing my latest skincare buys with you guys.

Mini Skincare Haul
Mizon Snail Repair Intensive Ampoule
The Mizon Snail Repair Intensive Ampoule has been on my wishlist for a while so I decided to finally buy it. I know some people are kind of scared to use products that contain snail but snail has been proven to help reduce wrinkles so I'm all for it!

Skin Food Milk Shake Point Make Up Remover
I ran out of make up remover and needed a new one so I bought the Skin Food Milk Shake Point Make Up Remover. I actually wanted the rose one but they didn't have it available via Amazon Prime so I went with this one.

Philosophy Purity Made Simple Cleanser
My skin is so picky! I needed a new cleanser to replace the Cosrx good morning cleanser because it started to break me out.  I didn't want to buy another new cleanser and risk the another break out so I bought an old cleanser that I knew worked with my skin, Philosophy's Purity Made Simple Cleanser. This was my go-to cleanser a couple years ago. I've used it a couple times and so far it's working with my skin.

Mini Skincare Haul
Cotton Labo Multi-Layer Cotton Makeup Puff
Asian layered cotton puffs are my favorite because you can rip the puffs apart and use as a mask. I found this box on Amazon for $8 for a set of 80. Do any of you like using these type of puffs too?

Mini Skincare Haul
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Daily Masking ♥ Top 4 Tips

Daily Masking
I've been daily masking for over a year know so I thought I would share some tips in case any of you are interested in daily masking. Using a sheet mask every night may sound extra, pricey and even time consuming but hopefully, these tips will help you realize that daily masking isn't as extra as it sounds. And if you guys are interested in hearing what daily masking has done to my skin in a year let me know and I will write another post on my experience.

Save The Packaging
One of my top tips is saving the packaging of the sheet mask. There is so much leftover essence stored in the sides of the mask package that you can use the following day in your morning skincare routine. Fold down the opening of the packaging and secure with a clip this ensures that the liquid won't dry overnight. Use the following morning before your moisturizer to help hydrate your skin.

Buy In Bulk
If you are scared that using a mask a day might cost too much then just buy in bulk. You can find a variety of sets of masks on Ebay or Amazon for a really affordable price. You can find sheet mask sets of 15 for $13 on Amazon! I like to buy a couple of sets (enough to last me a month) and then repurchase when I had less than 10 masks left in my stash.

Be Wary Of New Masks
If you are using a new sheet mask from a brand you never heard of making sure you follow the required time. I've made the mistake of leaving a new mask for too long and it made my skin break out! Every company makes their masks differently which means some may contain certain ingredients that could irritate your skin so be careful.

Time Consuming
I know a lot of people assume that adding an extra 10-20 minutes to your skincare routine my sound a little "extra" but I have a trick time making time fly. Whenever I'm about to apply a mask I usually find something to watch on Youtube or TV, play a quick game on my Nintendo DS, or read.

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Pins and Tsum Tsums ♥ Weekly Edit

Weekly Edit
#1 Aren't those pins so cute! They're from Just Peachy. The Brunch Pin comes with a membership card which is such a cute idea!

#2 I received my first Bonne Chance Collection in the mail this week! I've always been a fan of their dresses because they're so cute! I was tempted to buy more than one dress but I wasn't sure how the fit of the dresses would look on me so I only bought one, the shark cutout dress. You can read my review on the dress here.

#3 My latest addiction is the Tsum Tsum app game. I go through phases where I'm obsessed with the game and it started last weekend. Does anybody else play?

#4 On Tuesday Disney released the Sleeping Beauty Tsum Tsum collection. I regret not getting the Sleeping Beauty pack because it sold out in hours!

#5 My sister and I have been recently watching Drake and Josh on Hulu. I was never a huge fan of the show but it's funny to see my sister crack up while watching the show.

#6 I'm loving the Gorillaz new album! My favorite songs are Let Me Out, Andromeda, Busted and Blue, and Ascension. Yup, I don't just listen to kpop. hehe

#7 The new season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt was released today! Guess what I will be doing over the weekend?

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Bonne Chance Collection Shark Cutout Dress ♥ Haul & Review

Bonne Chance Collection
If you haven't heard of Bonne Chance Collections dresses yet get ready to be introduced to the cutest dresses you've ever seen in your life! Last week they released their latest collection and after of months of seeing their aodrble dresses on their Instagram I decided to purchase my first Bonne Chance dress.

The style of the cutout dress really spoke to me but I couldn't decide what print I wanted. The two that caught my eye's were the Lavender Daydream Cutout Dress and the Jaws Cutout Dress, which was the winner in the end. Sadly, they're both sold out now but I thought I would share close up pictures of the dress and share my experience with Bonne Chance in case any of you are plan on buying from them in the future.

Bonne Chance Collection
Bonne Chance Collection
Can we talk about the packaging? It's so cute! The dress came wrapped in a sturdy baby blue whale wrapping paper. Underneath the wrapping paper was another layer but of white tissue paper and then under that was a clear plastic bag with the dress packed inside.

Bonne Chance Collection
Bonne Chance Collection
The people t Bonne Chance Collection even hand wrote a letter which was very kind of them. The envelope also had a sticker of a shark in the front to match the dress. Cute!

Bonne Chance Collection
Here is the top part of the dress. I ordered a size medium. The dress is a vintage inspired navy blue colored and has white printed sharks all over the dress. There is a sweetheart bow tie bodice, adjustable straps, cutout waist and a hidden side zipper.

Bonne Chance Collection
Here is the lower half of the dress. There is a white skirt layered underneath.

Bonne Chance Collection
I placed my order on May 10. Order was shipped USPS Priority on May 13. My package arrived May 17 so it took a week for my order to arrive to my house which is pretty great for shipping time!

Final thoughts
I loved the style of the dress, the fit, the print, the fabric, it stretches nicely. The skirt part of the dress isn't too poofy. My only complaint is the side zipper. The zipper gets stuck when I try to open and close the dress which is annoying. Aside from that I adore the dress! I definetly plan on buying another dress from Bonne Chance Collections in the future. I hope they restock some of their sold out dresses in the cutout style because it's my favorite style.

Bonne Chance Collection
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COSRX One Step Moisture Up Pads ♥ Beauty Review

COSRX One Step Moisture Up Pads Review
As you guys know I adore the Cosrx One Step Pimple Clear Pads I've talked about them many times and have gone through around 5 containers! So when I heard that Cosrx released a new version of their one step pads, of course, I had to try the moisture up pads. Cosrx designed the One Step Moisture Up Pads were designed for those with dry and sensitive skin since the other pads were made for those with oily skin. I have normal/combination skin so I can try out both of these pads and tell you which one works best for your skin type.

COSRX One Step Moisture Up Pads Review
COSRX One Step Moisture Up Pads Review
Product Description
"A daily pad that contains hyaluronic acid to replenish moisture for all day hydration. Regular use of pads will smooth the skin's texture, providing a perfect canvas for flawless makeup."

- Moisturizing
- Hydrating
- Soothing
- Gently exfoliates
- Nice scent (like Fruity Pebbles)
- Affordable

- Not as wet as the clear pads

My Experience
After cleansing your face you use theses pads they work as a toner replacement. You can either use the embossed side to gently exfoliate your face or just the smooth side or both! Afterward your skin is left clean, smooth and moisturized. My only complaint is that I found these pads were unsaturated with liquid.

If you tried the pimple clear pads and found that those were too harsh for you then these are perfect for you!

Which Cosrx pads do I prefer?
At first, I thought I would switch over to the Moisture Up Pads because I love the sweet scent and how my face felt moisturized afterward. However, I do miss my Pimple Clear Pads. I would recommend the moisture pads but I think I will be going back to the pimple clear pads because I think they're a little bit better for my skin type.

♥♥♥♥ out of ♥♥♥♥♥

You can purchase the Cosrx One Step Moisture Up Pads here

COSRX One Step Moisture Up Pads Review
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Animal Crossing New Leaf Town Tour ♥ Spring 2017

Animal Crossing New Leaf Town Tour
You guys have no idea how long I have wanted to show you guys a tour of one of my Animal Crossing towns, and yes I have two towns. This is actually my second town, Foodie. This was originally my younger sisters game but she sold her DS and I kept her ACNL game card. I deleted her town but kept the name of her town and villager, Nana. It's funny, I love playing in this town because there is still so much to do! But I wanted to show you this town first because I'm really proud of how this town is turning out. I might show my other town in another post or I might now. Depends on how I am feeling. lol

Animal Crossing New Leaf Town Tour
This is the outside of my house. I have paid off my house so I have all of the rooms installed to the biggest size. As for the outside of my house, I have this pink sidewalk placed throughout my town. On the sides, I have dozens of pink roses planted. Before I talk about more about my town let's look at a couple of my rooms in my home.

Here is a list of the villagers currently in my town. Since the town is called Foodie I want all of my villagers to either have a food related name or look like food. I really want Zucker to move in!
- Bertha
- Cece
- Chai
- Cheri
- Marshal
- Marty
- Merengue
- Pecan
- Sprinkle
- Tia

This is the entrance room. On the left, I have a kitchen and on the right side, I have a living room complete with a Wii Fit Board and Wii U (which I standing in front of, lol). The wallpaper and flooring are from Lottie. If you scan her Amiibo figure you can get them too!

If you enter the left room you reach the ice cream parlor! Most of the furniture is from the Sanrio Cinnamoroll Amiibo card. This is probably my favorite room in my house!

If you go to the room in the back you reach my room. On the top left side I have a bed, closet, and side table, On the lower side, I have a craft area. On the right side, I have desk area and restroom. The wallpaper and floor are also from a Sanrio Amiibo card (the Hello Kitty one).

Does anybody else go to The Roost Cafe after they've finished their daily chores?

Chilling with Sprinkle on colorful tires.

Outside the camp site on a raining day.

The stop light is one of my favorite public work projects!

Animal Crossing New Leaf Town Tour
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Bear Shaped Tarts ♥ Weekly Edit

Weekly Edit
#1 I usually write down one to two things that happen to me during the week for my weekly edit post but this time I forgot so I had to write down everything in one go.

#2 You guys know that I started watching The Office when I went to Florida. Well,  I am now about to start season 8 which means I am almost done with the show.

#3 What do you guys think of the bear tarts I crocheted? I actually showed these on my Instagram story a while ago. I haven't decided how I'm going to decorate them yet. Any ideas?

#4 I've been really into conspiracy theories lately. I've listened to a couple podcasts on them and they're really interesting. Are any of you into that type of stuff?

#5 So I failed my Instagram post a day goal that I mentioned in my May Goals. I'm not surprised though. I am still going to try and post as much as I can this month it just won't be every single day.

#6 I love this post on how to get past rejection.

#7 This weekend is all about taking photos for upcoming blog posts. Do you guys have any particular post you would like to see?

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A Day In Numbers ♥ 5/11/17

A Day In Numbers
Today I have a quick read for you guys because it's another day in numbers! I actually wanted to post another blog post today but the pictures didn't come out the way I wanted to so I scrapped that post and went with this post instead. Don't worry I will retake photos for the other post over the weekend. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this post!

7:30 am the time I wake up for work.
3 sheet masks I have left in my mask stash (any recommendations?)
24 oz of coffee is how much I've been drinking lately, not good I know!
6 photos I have posted on my Instagram. I knew I wasn't going to post every month but at least I tried!
11 items I have sold on Depop so far!
9 stuffed animals and pillows I currently have on my bed (not including Lucy, lol)
11 candles I currently have in my room. I'm trying to use them all up because I want to buy new candles. I am currently burning a Gelato scented candle from Bath and Body Works.
145 ep of The Office I am currently on.
3 tea bags I have left. I need to pick up so more tea!
9 Colourpop lip glosses I currently have displayed in my room.
32 playlists I have in my music section. I like making playlists for every month, mood, year, etc. I basically have a playlist for every situation.
38 songs I have saved in my April playlist.
2 skin care products I think are breaking me out. Not sure which one so I am testing one out at a time to see which one is irritating my skin.
90 Tsum Tsums I currently own. I ran out of room on my heart shelf so I haven't bought any recently.
3 more days until mother's day. For once I have my gift ready!

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Lifestyle Favorites ♥ April 2017

April 2017 Lifestyle Favorites
Today I will be showing you guys my lifestyle favorites. I only have a couple things to show you this time but if you want to read more go check out my April beauty favorites. Let's get started!

April 2017 Lifestyle Favorites
Chobani Flips
I already mentioned the Chobani Flips in a currently loving post but I thought I would mention them again in case you aren't familiar with them. These are basically yogurt cups that contain yogurt and a mixture of treats that you "flip" and mix in with the yogurt. They are perfect for on-the-go and/or whenever need a quick breakfast or midday snack. These are two of my favorite flavors but I also really love the Cinnamon Bun flavor but its rare to find (at least where I live).

April 2017 Lifestyle Favorites
Honey Butter Chips
Do you guys remember when Honey Butter Chips were popular? Back when they were super famous I almost bought a bag for $20, thank goddess I didn't! When I first tried them I was kind of disappointed with the taste and didn't understand why people were obsessed with them. However a couple days later I tried them again and I thought they tasted better than before. The more I had a chip the more I became addicted to them! I would buy another bag but chips aren't the healthiest so I will try not to buy them too often.

Tsum Tsum Socks
I first saw these online and would stalk the sock aisle at my local Target hoping that I would find them but sadly never found. One day though I finally found a pack and rejoiced! The pack comes with three different designs one with Minnie, another with Mickey and one with Marie, my favorite pair!

Ez Melts B12 Vitamins
I have a difficult time swallowing pills so anytime I need to take medicine or vitamins I always have to get something that can easily go down my throat, For a long time, I didn't thank vitamins because I wasn't able to find easy to swallow vitamins that weren't gummies. But as a vegetarian, I need to take vitamins because there are lots of nutrients that I don't get often such as B12. Thankfully, now there are ways of getting B12 thanks to Ez Melts! Ez Melts is a company that makes vitamins that dissolve with your own saliva. They offer tons of various vitamins so if you have the same problem as me I highly recommend Ez Melts.

April 2017 Lifestyle Favorites
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Sticker Book Flip Through ♥ Featuring Sprinkled Pug

Sticker Book Flip Through
As you guys know I love planning especially with cute stickers. But when you have tons of planning stickers what is one to do? Make a sticker book! Having a sticker book is a genius idea for those who use planning stickers because it's a great way to easily access your stickers and keep them organized. I actually have two sticker books but today I am only showing you one because I am really happy with how it came out. Maybe I will show the other one in another post.

However, today I will be giving you a quick flip through of one of my sticker books. This book is incredibly special because it features stickers from one of my favorite sticker shops, Sprinkled Pug! I've talked about Sprinkled Pug plenty of times in my stationery posts before. I just love the stickers from here because they're super adorable and affordable! Definitely, check out Liz's shop if you like the stickers you see.

Sticker Book Flip Through
The book is actually a mini photo book from Michael's. It was only $1! I removed the cover and taped an Eevee print from Sharodactyl Art with some washi on top of a scrap of pink paper. I love how it came out so much that I want to do the same to my other sticker book.

Sticker Book Flip Through
Sticker Book Flip Through
These are some normal size sticker sheets. They are unused because I am waiting to get a bigger Happy Planner before I use them.

Sticker Book Flip Through
I have so many of the $1 sticker sheets from Sprinkled Pug because they are the perfect size for my mini Happy Planner. Most of the pages in my sticker book contain mini sticker sheets.

Sticker Book Flip Through
Sticker Book Flip Through
And finally, we have arrived at the last page of the stickers book. This page contains some of my newest purchases from Sprinkled Pug including the new  Totoro and Friends Stickers and Pastel Phone stickers.  I don't want to use the Totoro ones because I don't want to get rid of them! lol

Sticker Book Flip Through
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