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Animal Crossing New Leaf Town Tour ♥ Spring 2017

Animal Crossing New Leaf Town Tour
You guys have no idea how long I have wanted to show you guys a tour of one of my Animal Crossing towns, and yes I have two towns. This is actually my second town, Foodie. This was originally my younger sister's game but she sold her DS and I kept her ACNL game card. I deleted her town but kept the name of her town and villager, Nana. It's funny, I love playing in this town because there is still so much to do! But I wanted to show you this town first because I'm really proud of how this town is turning out. I might show my other town in another post or I might now. It depends on how I am feeling. lol

Animal Crossing New Leaf Town Tour
This is the outside of my house. I have paid off my house so I have all of the rooms installed to the biggest size. As for the outside of my house, I have this pink sidewalk placed throughout my town. On the sides, I have dozens of pink roses planted. Before I talk about more about my town let's look at a couple of my rooms in my home.

Here is a list of the villagers currently in my town. Since the town is called Foodie I want all of my villagers to either have a food-related name or look like food. I really want Zucker to move in!
- Bertha
- Cece
- Chai
- Cheri
- Marshal
- Marty
- Merengue
- Pecan
- Sprinkle
- Tia

This is the entrance room. On the left, I have a kitchen and on the right side, I have a living room complete with a Wii Fit Board and Wii U (which I stand in front of, lol). The wallpaper and flooring are from Lottie. If you scan her Amiibo figure you can get them too!

If you enter the left room you reach the ice cream parlor! Most of the furniture is from the Sanrio Cinnamoroll Amiibo card. This is probably my favorite room in my house!

If you go to the room in the back you reach my room. On the top left side I have a bed, closet, and side table, On the lower side, I have a craft area. On the right side, I have a desk area and restroom. The wallpaper and floor are also from a Sanrio Amiibo card (the Hello Kitty one).

Does anybody else go to The Roost Cafe after they've finished their daily chores?

Chilling with Sprinkle on colorful tires.

Outside the campsite on a raining day.

The stoplight is one of my favorite public work projects!

Animal Crossing New Leaf Town Tour
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  1. Replies
    1. I found the pathway on Tumblr and scanned it to the qr machine. Then I placed the designs outside one by one. ♥

  2. What a cute game!


  3. Oh my gosh, this has made me NEED to start playing this game again. What a perfect way to implement all my dream home decor ideas without actually spending any money! I feel like you and I have very similar styles - lots of pink and sweet stuff! ☺️


    1. I've played all of the Animal Crossing games and every time I decorate my town and room they always turn out pink, pastel and/or food themed. lol ♥


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