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Weekly Edit #19

Weekly Edit
#1 I usually write down one to two things that happen to me during the week for my weekly edit post but this time I forgot so I had to write down everything in one go.

#2 You guys know that I started watching The Office when I went to Florida. Well,  I am now about to start season 8 which means I am almost done with the show.

#3 What do you guys think of the bear tarts I crocheted? I actually showed these on my Instagram story a while ago. I haven't decided how I'm going to decorate them yet. Any ideas?

#4 I've been really into conspiracy theories lately. I've listened to a couple podcasts on them and they're really interesting. Are any of you into that type of stuff?

#5 So I failed my Instagram post a day goal that I mentioned in my May Goals. I'm not surprised though. I am still going to try and post as much as I can this month it just won't be every single day.

#6 I love this post on how to get past rejection.

#7 This weekend is all about taking photos for upcoming blog posts. Do you guys have any particular post you would like to see?

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