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Weekly Edit
#1 First off, I hope you enjoyed Disney week here on my blog! I had so much fun creating Disney-themed content for you guys. I'm actually thinking about extending Disney week into next week. Would you guys like that?

#2 It was interesting to read your thoughts on boy groups vs girl groups. Like I said last week I don't think girl groups get the credit they deserve so I made a list of some of my favorite songs by some underrated girl groups (the newer ones). I included groups with all different types of concepts for those who don't like sugar-coated groups. Hopefully, you can discover a new girl group you haven't heard of before.

Dream Catcher - Chase Me
Marmello - Puppet
LOONA - (This is a group that hasn't even debuted but they are releasing new songs for each member every month until they debut. My favorite songs are Eclipse, Everyday I Love You, and Singling in the Rain)
K.A.R.D - Don't Recall (A co-ed group!)
Brave Girls - Rollin'

#3 July starts this weekend! So many things are happening in July, including my birthday (July 14). I'm also going on vacation which I am so ready for. I need a break from work!

#4 We took Lucy to the vet last weekend because she was having trouble walking on her back left paw. Thankfully nothing major happened but she does need to take vitamins to maker her bones stronger because with smaller dog breeds like Lucy their bones tend to weaken over time. Do any of you with small pets have the same problem?

#5 I got my hair cut on Monday. I've been in need of a haircut for months! I went in just wanting layers and my ends trimmed but I somehow ended out walking out with my hair to my shoulders. Which is a drastic change for me because my hair was really long (right above my bum).

When I got home and realized what had happened I had one of those America's Next Top Model hair meltdown moments. I know it's just hair and it will grow back but my hair grows back very very slowly. This is what I get for getting my hair cut when I'm half asleep.

#6 I finished my 30 Day Yoga Camp today! I heard somewhere that said yoga can help your back but every time I participate in these yoga challenges my back hurts even more. I do enjoy yoga though so I put up with the pain.

#7 Follow my Twitter and Instagram if you would like to see my adventures at Disney World. I will be updating both as much as possible throughout my trip, especially on Instagram stories.

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Dole Whip Key Chain ♥ Crochet Pattern

Dole Whip Key Chain Crochet Pattern
I haven't posted a crochet pattern since February! I've always wanted to post at least one pattern a month but that never happens. Anyways, today I have a refreshing treat and I am going to show you guys how to make it yourself! Since this is Disney week on my blog it's, of course, Disney related. Today I am crocheting a Dole Whip for you!

A Dole Whip is a frozen soft serve frozen treat. They sell these across the Disney Parks (Aloha Isle in Adventureland at the Magic Kingdom). They also have a float version served with pineapple juice which is what inspired this crochet project.

Dole Whip Key Chain Crochet Pattern
You will need:
- Light yellow worsted yarn
- Yellow worsted yarn
- 4.00 mm crochet hook
- Scissors
- Yarn needle
- Polyfill stuffing
- No-sew glue or hot glue gun
- Keychain findings

Ch(s) - chain(es)
St(s) - stitch(es)
Slst - slip stitch
Dec - decrease
Sc - single crochet
Blo - back loops only
Flo - Front loops oly

Dole Whip Key Chain Crochet Pattern
Swirl (top)
Make a magic circle and single crochet 12 sts, pull lightly. 12 sts
- 2 sc in next st, sc 1 st (x12). Total = 24 sts
- Sc 24 sts. Total = 24 sts
- Blo, sc 24 sts (x4). Total = 24 sts
*You will be using blo for the remainder of this piece)*
- Dec 1, sc 1 (x6). Total = 18 sts
- Sc 18 sts (x2). Total = 12 sts
- Dec 1, sc 1 (x6). Total = 6 sts
- Sc 6 sts. Total = 6 sts
- Dec 1, sc 1 (x2). Total = 4 sts
- Dec last two sts.
Cut off, sew in loose ends

Cup (bottom)
- Ch 6, slst to form a circle. Total = 6 sts
- 2 sc in next st, sc 1 st (x6). Total = 12 sts
- Flo sc 12 sts. Total = 12 sts
- Sc 12 sts (x6). Total = 12 sts
- 2 sc in next st, sc 1 st (x6). Total = 18 sts
- Sc 18 sts (x4). Total = 18 sts
Cut off, sew in loose ends

Dole Whip Key Chain Crochet Pattern
You can either choose to sew the soft serve on top of the cup or hot glue it like I did. I personally think hot gluing it looks better because it looks as if the soft serve has been placed over the cup like an actual Dole Whip. Next, attach the keychain findings to the top of the Dole Whip.

If you think the Dole Whip looks too plain looking you can choose to crochet a cherry (you can also use a red pom pom) or a face like I did.

Dole Whip Key Chain Crochet Pattern
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My Marie Collection ♥ Summer 2017

My Marie Collection
Marie from The Aristocats is one of my favorite Disney characters, I love her sassy cuteness. Over the years I've collected a couple Marie items so I thought it would be fun to share some of my unique Marie items with you guys. Leave your favorite Disney character in the comments!

My Marie Collection
Marie Ears
I ordered these via Ebay a couple years ago but it was so long ago I don't remember what seller. This is an exclusive headband that you can only find in Tokyo Disney so they are tricky to find if you don't live in Japan (I'm not even sure if they still sell them). I've worn them a couple times to the Disney parks and I always feel super cute when I do!

Marie Key Chain
Another Tokyo Disney item. This was an impulsive buy that I bought from a Japan Disney seller through Instagram. I wish the Disney parks in the US would sell plush key chains like this because they're so adorable!

My Marie Collection
Marie Plush
My older sister bought me this Marie plush when she visited Disney World with her high school chorus group a long long time ago. This is the first Maire item I ever received.

Marie Tsum Tsums
Here are my two adorable Marie Tsum Tsums. I have the original Marie Tsum Tsum and a dressed up Marie which is from the Minnie Mouse and Dressy Friends box set.

My Marie Collection
Marie ID Pouch
This is another Tokyo Disney item (I think?) it's a Marie ID holder with a pouch. On the back, there is a spot for your ID or other cards and a zipper pouch that you can use to store small slim items like money or chapstick. These are really popular in Tokyo Disney they have one for pretty much every character. It's a cute and practical idea to store your money in if you don't want to take any bags with you to the parks.

Marie Socks
These socks are from Target. They came in a set of 3 with other Disney characters printed on the socks. I wear these so often I'm scared that I may rip them soon.

My Marie Collection
Marie Planner Clips
I bought these planner clips on Etsy sadly the shop where I got these from is no longer is around. I have plenty of planner clips but the Marie shaker clip is my all-time fave!

My Marie Collection

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5 Things I Want To Do At Walt Disney World ♥ Summer 2017

5 Things I Want To Do At Walt Disney World
If you read my last post then you know that my parents said we were going to Disney World for a couple days but I wasn't too thrilled because they hadn't booked any nothing but guess what? Last night my parents booked a condo so we are actually going to Walt Disney World! Ahhh! I am so excited that I've decided to kick off my summer series post with a Disney week!  That means all of this week's posts will all be Disney themed!

The last time we went to Disney World it was right before they open the new Disney Springs and they had just opened the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, so it's been a few years. I have so many things on my checklist that I want to get done and today I am sharing 5 things I want to accomplish while in Walt Disney World.

1. Enjoy the Disney Atmosphere
I haven't been to Disney in a couple years so just being there and enjoying all the characters, scenery, shows, parades, fireworks, Mickey ears and of course, Cinderella's Castle will be enjoyable. I cannot to finally wear all my Tokyo Disney merch I have!

2. Ride the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train had just opened the last time we visited the Magic Kingdom so the line was huge, to begin with, but then they closed the rise because they kept having technical issues so we never got a chance to ride it. Hopefully, we get a chance to ride it on our trip this time around.

3. Buy Tons Of Disney Merchandise
From Tsum Tsums to Disney mugs I a list of specific items I want to buy whilst at Disney World. Last time I was at Disney they barely had any Tsum Tsums but now that many collections have released I plan on going Tsum Tsum crazy! I am also on the lookout for a bag of Micky's Coffee that I saw someone post on Instagram (the packaging is so cute!). There are also a few mugs I want to get the Alice and Wonderland tea cup and a Baymax mug.

4. Eat Lots of Disney Treats
The meals at Disney are pretty expensive for a small serving you need snacks to keep you fueled. I literally have a list of Disney treats I want to try like the Dole Whip and the Cheshire Cat Tail! Fun fact: I'm scared of the Cheshire Cat (the cartoon version.

5. Check out Disney Springs
Last time when we were at Downtown Disney (I will get used to calling it Disney Springs) most of the area was closed down for renovation so we haven't seen any of the new additions. I've seen a few pictures and videos online of what it looks like now and it looks huge! I'm most excited to visit theSephorae, Sprinkles and the vegan bakery (I'm such a foodies, lol).

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Life This Week ♥ Weekly Edit

Weekly Edit
#1 For the past two weeks it's been cloudy and rainy. The weather strongly impacts my mood so when the skies are gray and muggy outside I'm not in the greatest mood. Hopefully, it clears up next week. On the bright side, it hasn't been as hot as it would be this time of the year.

#2 We might be visiting Orlando soon which means Disney World! I know I should be excited but knowing my family those plans could get canceled. I won't actually be excited until they actually the book hotel tickets.

#3 My younger sister and I started watching some old episodes of Running Man. We've only watched the special episodes with guests that she recognizes (mainly boy groups) and the episode where they turn into zombies. If you watch Running Man and/or know of any good episodes let me know.

#4 Speaking of boy groups. One of my biggest pet peeves is when girls only listen to boy K-pop groups. Like wtf? Just like with boy groups there are tons of concepts within the girl K-pop groups. So if you are one of those people who does this please open up your mind and quit isolating yourself from girl groups because they work just as hard as the boy groups do and deserve appreciation too!

#5 Lucy amazes me. This week when I was feeling down she stayed by my side more than she does and it wasn't until the end of the day that noticed. She's precious!

#6 I also started watching W last night because it's been on my list of shows to watch and since there isn't any interesting Kdramas out at the moment I decided to start watching it. I finished episode 3 last night and omg I really like this drama so far! Hopefully, it's not one of those dramas that go downhill after the eighth episode.

#7 There is a bunch of birds outside my window I think they're fighting? I'm scared one might run into my window (which has happened before). lol

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Sheet Mask Haul ♥ Mediheal, Leaders & Dermal

Sheet Mask Haul
Last Thursday I noticed that I was down to my last two sheet mask so I hopped on over to Amazon and ordered a couple boxes of sheet masks. Over the weekend I also found some masks at Marshalls so I wanted to share my collection of sheet masks that I accumulated. I know I've been posting a lot of hauls lately but I thought a sheet mask haul would be a bit different from the rest. Let me know if you would like to see more sheet masks hauls.

Sheet Mask Haul
Mediheal x Line Friends E.G.T Timetox Ampoule Mask
When I saw that Amazon Prime had the Mediheal x Line Friends sheet mask I was really excited because I've always wanted to try them. The mask even has Brown the bear on the side of the cheek!

Sheet Mask Haul
Leaders 7 Wonder Caribbean Coconut Calming Mask
Advanced Bio-Cellulose Mask. Contour and fit technology provides exceptional skin adherence for powerful results.

- Calms red and irritated skin
- Leaves skin soothed and refreshed
- Can be used on the most sensitive skin types

Sheet Mask Haul
Leaders 7 Wonders Tundra Cranberry Anti-Aging Mask
Advanced Bio-Cellulose Mask. Contour and fit technology provides exceptional skin adherence for powerful results.

- Improves visible lines and wrinkles
- Deeply hydrates skin
- Leaves skin firm and smooth

I found two boxes of the Leaders 7 Wonders sheet mask at my local Marshalls so I picked up both. The type of mask is a bio-cellulose gel-like sheet which I'm not a huge fan of but the essence is so rich and moisturizing that it makes up for it.

Sheet Mask Haul
Dermal Collagen Essence Mask
These Dermal masks were only $9 for a pack of 16 masks which was a bargain especially to someone who uses mask daily. I used one of these masks a long time ago that I bought from Forever 21 but I don't remember if I like them or not.

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Hair Care Routine ♥ Summer 2017

Summer 2017 Hair Care Routine
Over the years I've shared countless routines but I don't think I ever shared a hair care routine which is why I am posting one today. When it comes to hair care I am very picky because I have a lot of concerns. First off, I have itchy/dry scalp, frizzy, split and damaged ends, dandruff, and curly hair. My hair also gets oily easily and when it's really humid outside it can poof up like crazy! How do I manage to control all of these problems? Well, I don't! I still haven't found the best products that address every concern I have with my hair but I am hoping by posting this I some of your guys can recommend me some hair products that can help me out.

I don't like to use too many products on my hair because like I said I have a dry scalp so when I wash my hair in the shower I use shampoo once, rinse, condition and rinse with cold water. I've found that using oils and masks before washing my hair has helped moisturize my scalp but I only do it once a week because I don't wash my hair that often. After showering I wait until my hair is damp and then apply some leave-in conditioner comb through with a wide-tooth comb. To finish off my routine I let my hair naturally air dry.

Summer 2017 Hair Care Routine
Castor Oil - Whenever I want an all over deep condition I drench some castor from scalp to ends and leave on for as long as I can (30 minutes to an hour) before washing off. Castor oil is excellent at restoring the hair making it grow faster. It's one of the thickest oils that I've used so I don't use it as much as I would like because the weight can get uncomfortable.

Shea Moisture 10-in-1 Renewal System Hair Masque - When I want a similar effect as an oil but don't want all the oily mess then I use this hair mask. It's a thick mask that does 10 things in once! I slather this cream all over my hair and let absorb into my hair before washing off. Afterward, I can definitely feel how strong my hair looks and feels.

Summer 2017 Hair Care Routine
Shea Moisture Peace Rose Oil Complex Nourish + Silken Shampoo - This is the newest edition to my routine. I've only used it once so I don't have much to say about it. But it smells nice.

Shea Moisture Argan Oil + Almond Milk Smooth + Tame Conditioner - I actually bought this line of shampoo and conditioner by Shae Moisture because I prefer the squeeze tubes instead of the other bottles. This conditioner actually isn't that moisturizing it just sits on my hair but doesn't soak in which is a bummer. The smell of it though is heavenly!

Summer 2017 Hair Care Routine
Shea Moisture Strengthen + Grow Leave-In Conditioner - Out of all the products I mention in this post if you had to buy one then I 100% recommend this one. My younger sister introduced me to this leave-in conditioner and owns the bigger version (I think she's cleaned out the whole container too!). This product is amazing to strengthen and protect the hair. If you have curly hair it helps condition your curls, reduce frizz without making crispy noodle looking hair. And if I still haven't sold you on this product then the intoxicating sweet scent will.

OGX Niacin + Caffeine Root Stimulator Spray - I mentioned this product in my how to grow scalp post. I still have problems with scalp growth but I found oils work better and I also want to stop using OGX products because I heard that they mislabel their products when it comes to animal testing so I don't want to support them anymore. Shea Moisture also has a line of scalp growth products which I do plan on checking out after I run out of this.

Summer 2017 Hair Care Routine
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5 Things ♥ Weekly Edit

Weekly Edit
#1 E3 happened this week and a lot of new games were announced. I'm excited for the new Kirby and Yoshi games that are being released next year for the Switch. If I wasn't excited for the Splatoon 2 enough after watching all the exclusive videos online.

#2 I purchased another dress from Bonne Chance Collections. This time I bought the Magic Kingdom 2 piece dress. It's sooooo cute! I want to wear it to a Disney park.

#3 Added some new items to my Depop shop.

#4 Have you seen the new Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer? The next trailer comes out on my birthday!

#5 Sorry for only sharing 5 things today instead of 7. I've been feeling really down lately and wasn't even going to post today but I thought it would be better to get up and try to do normal things instead of sleeping all day (which I pretty much did anyways). I've been in this huge slump lately and I don't know how to get out of it. If you could share something positive that it would mean the world to me.

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Korean Beauty Haul ♥ Mizon, A'pieu, Leaders, Etc.

Korean Beauty Haul
I am always buying new beauty products so whenever I have enough collected I like to share my recent purchases in a haul. This time I decided to include my new makeup purchases as well. Nearly all the products are Korean beauty products but one of them is a Japanese skincare product. Anyways, enough of the chit-chat let's start the haul!

Korean Beauty Haul
Leaders Daily Wonders Bye Bye To Dry Intense Hydrating Mask
While I was at Marshalls one day I saw that they had a box of Leaders masks. I love Leaders masks because the quality of the masks is amazing but they can be pricey so when I saw that this box only cost $10 I took advantage of this deal. I'm not a fan of the sheet of the mask but the essence is so moisturizing and refreshing, bye bye to dry for sure!

Mizon Snail Recovery Gel Cream
I was running low on my cream so I bought the Mizon Snail Gel Cream which has been on my skincare wishlist for a while. The tube is really small so I will be using this pretty fast (it will probably last me a month and a half) but it was really affordable. I bought this cream because of the anti-wrinkle benefits and most reviews on this product were positive.

Kose Softymo Facial Cleansing Oil Speedy
Over the weekend I finished my Innisfree Bija Trouble Cleansing Gel so I log onto Amazon and bought the Kose Cleansing Oil. I was going to buy The Face Shop Bright Cleansing Oil because it's one of the top cleansing oils in Korea but I saw this Kose cleansing oil in the recommendations section and decided to buy instead because it was cheaper and just as popular as The Face Shop one.

Korean Beauty Haul
A'pieu Wonder Tension Pact - Moist
There are a couple of different finishes, moist (gold), perfect cover (rose gold) and matte (sliver). I went with the moist version because I love that dewy look. This is the first cushion I have bought in a really long time! I bought this particular cushion pact based on the sleek square packaging.There are many round cushions but only a few square cushions. I do plan on writing a review on this cushion once I've used it enough times.

Etude House Fix and Fix Tone Up Primer - Mint
I've always been interested in using colored primers because I struggle with redness on my cheeks. Etude House released a series of colored primers not too long ago and they caught my attention because they brighten, wrinkle care, and contain UV protection.

Korean Beauty Haul
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June 2017 Goals ♥ Blog & Lifestyle

June 2017 Goals
A new month means a new set of goals. I didn't completely accomplish any of my May goals but I did start a few and wasn't able to finish them. With that said, I will be carrying the goals that I still want to accomplish onto this month's list of goals.

I failed both of my blogging goals last month. I tried really hard and almost completed my goal to post on every scheduled day in May but sadly I didn't. I knew that I wasn't going to be able to post every day on Instagram but at least I tried! However, I still want to complete both of these goals sometime this year.

1. Get back into my Blogging Groove
Since last month I haven't made an effort to comment or read any blogs like I use to. I don't know why I just feel like no matter how many blogs I read and comment on I will never be a successful blogger. So this month I am making it one of my goals to get back into my blogging groove!

2. Start Planning Summer Posts
Summer is my least favorite season but one thing I enjoy about summer is all the summer posts. There is something about summer that just inspires me especially all the beauty products! I have a list of ideas already written down in my blog notebook now I just need to take pictures and write. I will start releasing my summer posts by the end of this month! If you have any requests let me know.

The only lifestyle that I kind of started was making healthier meals but not really. I didn't buy as much process food that I usually do but I did snack a lot! Because I failed at my eating goals in May I am carrying both of them into this month.

3. No Eating After 8 PM
I was able to stop eating past 8 pm some nights but most of the time I snacked past midnight! I will try to work on this habit this month.

4. Cook Healthier Meals
Making healthy meals can be tricky because I am the type of person who doesn't like to spend too much time cooking. The quicker and fewer ingredients the better!

5. Eat 5 servings of Veggies and Fruits
I don't consume as many fruits and vegetables as I should, it's not that I don't like them it's just that I sometimes forget to add a side of veggies to a meal or reach for something unhealthy when I am craving a treat. So, I am going to try and at least get 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. I think if I plan enough I can do it easily.

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I Am Back ♥ Weekly Edit

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I Am Back ♥ Weekly Edit

Weekly Edit
#1 Sorry for the lack of blog posts the past two weeks. I've been feeling so uninspired (blog-wise anyways) and didn't want to publish any post that I wasn't 100% satisfied with. However, now that it's almost summer I do have some ideas. For some reason, I enjoy writing summer themed blog posts even though I hate summer.

#2 I finally got my Stella Lou (the lilac bunny) key chain in the mail! Since they only sell Stella Lou merch in Japan I had to order it from a Japanese seller. After a month she finally arrived and she's perfect! I can't wait to display her on my bag.

#3 Remember that pimple I talked about last week? Well, it left for a few days and then came back! How does that even happen!?!?

#4 I started watching a new Korean drama called Strong Women Do Bong Soon. The first episode wasn't the best but my sister and I continue to watch the drama because the two main guys are really cute! It's a pretty goofy show which is not my favorite type of Kdrama but it has gotten better.

#5 I watched Wonder Women last weekend and it's AMAZING! All the fight scenes were so badass and made me feel so empowered, especially the first fight sequence with all the Amazons! I can't believe Gal Gadot was pregnant while filming!

#6 Have you guys heard the rumors about Pokemon coming to ACNL? Wouldn't it be amazing to have villagers inspired by Pokemon! Hopefully, they will announce this at E3.

#7 Currently listening to,
Middle Fingers Up - G-Dragon
Happy - WJSN
Lonely - SISTAR
Lean On Me - DAY6
I Smile - DAY6
1+1=0 (feat. Dean) - Suran
Don't Wanna Cry - Seventeen
Big Love - The Black Skirts
It's Still Beautiful - Highlight

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Popteen Flip Through ♥ June 2017

Popteen June 2017 Flip Through
I haven't bought any Japanese fashion magazines in a while. I use to collect these magazines every month but stopped because these magazines aren't cheap if you buy monthly. Even though I can't read Japanese the pictures inspired me, you don't need to be able to understand a language to be inspired. Today I will be sharing my favorite pages from this issue. Hopefully, you guys will be inspired too!

Popteen is one of my favorite magazines because it's completely my style, girly but somewhat trendy with a little bit of edginess. I love all the coordinates and beauty pages. The colored scattered format of Popteen (and most Japanese magazines) is so fun, unlike the ones they sell in the US.

The magazine came with some free gifts, a lippie stick and a 3-in-1 product. There is a whole page dedicated on how you can use this item but since I can't read Japanese I have no idea so I just guess based on the pictures. The lipgloss stick is a cute hot pink color but doesn't stay for too long. I think the 3-in-1 product can be used as a primer, cheek stain and lip gloss, it's no pigemented though just clear and waxy. What do you expect from free make up though?

Popteen June 2017 Flip Through
Michopa is my favorite Popteen model so I had to feature her outfit page. She's so pretty!

Popteen June 2017 Flip Through
Popteen June 2017 Flip Through
Popteen June 2017 Flip Through
Popteen June 2017 Flip Through
Popteen June 2017 Flip Through
This page is about facial massages. I wish I could read Japanese because they look really interesting.

Popteen June 2017 Flip Through
Popteen June 2017 Flip Through
Popteen June 2017 Flip Through
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