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Weekly Edit #28

Weekly Edit
#1 I fixed the pages on my blog. Go check them out if you haven't I still need to edit my About section but I will tweak that later.

#2 I finally bought Splatoon 2! I don't own a Nintendo Switch yet but with Amazon Prime, you get deals on video games so I saved some money on the game by buying it early. If you are someone who actively plays video games you know that they are expensive! At least when I finally find a Switch I will have the game ready to play. lol

#3 Speaking of Splatoon 2, I'm so proud of myself for not watching any gameplay videos of Splatoon 2. I am someone who enjoys watching videos of games on Youtube before I buy them but not with this game! I want to be completely surprised when I finally end up playing, no spoilers!

#4 All the kids returned back to school where I live this week! I'm so glad! I hate it when I'm working and there is just a bunch of kids are around hanging in the store messing everything up. Thank goodness for school!

#5 I am currently watching The Bride of The Water God (Habaek) and OMG I love this drama! Nam Joo Hyuk acting in this drama is amazing! Anybody else watching?

#6 Love this post by Kayleigh Zara. She talks about how she's not confident in her body. Nowadays everybody is talking about self-love and body confidence but it's not easy to just love your body if you've been trying for years! I love it when people are so real and say they're not happy because I can relate and feel less lonely.

#7 It's now been a week since returning from my summer trip but it feels like I've been back for a month!


  1. I am also glad that kids are back at school! I work at a fast food place and they just all flock to us, it's awful! May I ask what kind of store you work in? 😊

    I feel you on the not loving your body thing! You shouldn't ever feel lonely or left out because everyone has insecurities, just not everyone talks about it. Self love is a lifelong process and one that many people struggle with, me being one of them. Don't give up hope though, you deserve to love every part about you, but remember that having a kind heart is the most important thing! (Cheesy but it's true!) 💕


  2. I help stock selves at grocery stores. I find it so annoying when kids misplace everything or just stand there and look at me.

    I wish people were more open about because I can relate to those type of people more then the ones who preach about being body confident but secretly aren't. All we can do is be the best version of ourselves. ♥


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