Daily Joys ♥ September 2017

Daily Joys
I was inspired by Michelle's post (I love finding other Michelle's!) and this post to make a list of the small joys in my life. With everything that's going on in the world right now, it's easy to get overwhelmed that's why I decided to shut off the news and jot down all the small things that are currently making me appreciate.

- Waking up early (I'm a total morning person)
- The smell of coffee from a coffee machine
- A hearty bowl of oatmeal
- Cute activewear outfits
- Working out in the morning
- Kawaii charms
- Sprinkle Pug stickers
- The smell of a book
- Halloween decorations and packaging
- Afternoon iced coffee
- Dessert smelling candles
- Fresh bed sheets
- Molang Youtube videos
- Cute socks
- Rearranging my mood board
- Cooking a home meal
- Drinking enough water
- Re-watching Adventure Time episodes
- Korean stationery
- Winning several Salmon Runs in a row
- Starbucks pumpkin scones
- Feeling inspired and having plenty ideas
- Having food in the fridge
- Going to sleep on a reasonable time

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  1. Michelle power! ;) Loved reading this list - candles that smell like dessert really are the greatest thing! x

    1. Thank you! They're literally all I ever burn my room always smells like a sweet shop! haha ♥

  2. I love posts like these! I've got one in my drafts at the moment that I'm filling up with little things that come up that make me stop and say, "This is so nice, I really enjoy it". It's really uplifting to write, and the blogging world could definitely do with 1000 more posts like these ones! Also, I just recently bought candle melts that smell like caramel and I am in LOVE with them 💕

    Indya || tinyurl.com/thesmalladventurer

    1. Me too! It makes you appreciate the small things you are grateful for. ♥