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Weekly Edit #43

Weekly Edit
#1 Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp came out this week! It's so cute! If you haven't downloaded it yet I would highly recommend it, especially if you love Animal Crossing or games similar. Add me! My friend code, 6688-9983-590.

#2 Splatoon 2 fans, what do you think of the holiday update? The new hairstyles are so cute and I'm so excited to play in the Mako Mart stage! I have a strange fascination with supermarkets and anything food-related so this is right up my alley. Yes, I know I still haven't posted a review on Splatoon 2 but I promise it will be coming next month!

#3 Style Savvy: Styling Star (Style Savvy 3) is coming to the US! You can actually download a free demo on the E-shop right now. It's coming out on Christmas Day but it's only going to be available in the Nintendo E-shop. It's such a shame that this series isn't as popular in the states then it is in other countries.

#4 One of my favorite Japanese fashion magazines, Zipper is shutting down. I'm heartbroken but honestly, I saw it coming. When they switched from monthly issues to seasonal issues I knew that it was only a matter of time before they closed down. A lot of magazines have shut down this year, some switching to digital. Nylon, Teen Vogue, and now Zipper. One of my dreams was to work for a magazine but it's a dying business so I don't think that dream will ever come true.

#5 It's so hard not to buy things for yourself when there are so many Black Friday deals going on. So far I've only bought one thing (this will obviously change) and it's for myself. haha

#6 I don't know why I even try to cook or bake. Everything that prepared this week just sucked! I've been trying to eat home-cooked meals instead of easy-to-make processed food but I failed about every dish that I made. Clearly, I didn't learn anything from all that Food Network that I watched as a child.

#7 Now that Thanksgiving is other I can finally start getting ready for Christmas. I can't wait to take out my mini Christmas tree and decorate my room!

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