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TWICE Valentine's Day Cards ♥ Crochet Pattern

Valentine's Day Card Crochet Pattern
Since crocheting the BT21 plushies I've been inspired to incorporate more Kpop because crochet and Kpop are two of my favorite things which is why I decided to make some Kpop lyric Valentine's Day cards. There are thousands of Kpop love songs so it was difficult to choose which group or song to pick but I decided on TWICE because they're cute and have the cutest catchiest songs at the moment. The TWICE songs I made cards for were Likey and Heart Shaker because who doesn't love cheesy puns on Valentine's Day?

I know the skin and hair colors don't exactly match but I just used what I had laying around because I have tons of felt sheets and didn't want to go out and buy more, #lazy. You could also add eyebrows if you want. I tried but they looked weird so I left them out. haha

Valentine's Day Card Crochet Pattern
- Light pink worsted yarn
- Pink worsted yarn
- H/4.25 mm crochet hook
- Various colors of felt
- No-sew glue
- Scissors
- Yarn needle
- Tape runner or double-sided tape
- 2-3 Blank notecards

Ch(s) - chain(es)
St(s) - stitch(es)
Slst - slip stitch
Sc - single crochet
(x2) - repeat __ amount of times

Valentine's Day Card Crochet Pattern
- ch 16 sts, sc 15 sts. Total = 15 sts
- ch 1, sc 15 sts (x23). Total = 15 sts
Cut off and weave yarn strands

To make the "lacey" or scallop detail. Insert your hook to where you cast off your card. Slst, ch 5, skip 2 sts, repeat all the way around the card. Cut off and weave in ends.

Valentine's Day Card Crochet Pattern
Tape or glue 2-3 blank cards together and glue to the crocheted card, press and leave out to dry.

Choose your favorite TWICE member and reference a picture because it will help when cutting out the shapes in the felt. I choose Momo (my favorite member) for the Likey card and Tzuyu for the Heart Shaker card. After you've cut out all of the pieces line up everything and glue. Press lightly to secure and let dry.

Valentine's Day Card Crochet Pattern
After your cards are finished it's time to sign your Valentine's Day card. Feel free to use whatever pun you want, remember the cheesier the better! Here are some more TWICE lyrics you can use. "Come on be my love baby!", "Pit-A-Pat!", "Love is timing!", "Girl, you can do it!" (cute Galentine's Day idea) or simply use "Happy Valentine's Day".

Valentine's Day Card Crochet Pattern
Are you a fan of TWICE? Who is your favorite member?

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  1. So cute! I like Twice a lot, I literally I hate the fact that most of their songs are unavailable on Spotify in Korean - only Japanese releases are there.

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I don't think their company likes Spotify because I can't find any of their other artists on there either. This is why I use Apple's music streaming service instead. ♥


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