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Coffee Chat #12

Coffee Chat
#1 Simple evenings drinking a mug cup of tea and catching up episodes of Adventure Time. Is it true that season 10 is the last season? *cries*

#2 My goal this weekend is to crochet some dolls and plushies. For those who didn't know, I used to sell crocheted dolls in my shop and they sold pretty well so I want to make some again. I haven't made a doll in years though! My skills have improved since the last time I made a doll so I'm excited to see how they'll turn out. I will be sharing some of my work on my Instagram story.

#3 We're getting wooden floors! I'm so excited! We currently have carpet flooring upstairs which is annoying because carpets stain easily and if you have a dog with long hair then you know how much they shed especially during Spring. I'm not excited about how long the process is going to take and having to take out all our furniture but hey it will be the perfect time to rearrange my room. haha

#4 After reading Ellis's art journal post I've been inspired to get a little creative with my crochet journal. I currently just use a blank pages notebook which I randomly scribbled on pattern drafts and sketches. I know I can make a cute and creative crochet journal and that's my goal!

#5 If you are looking for a Travelers Notebook go to Michaels Craft Store because Recollections has the cutest ones. I went earlier this week to buy a new notebook (with pastel rainbow pages!) and came out with a unicorn travelers notebook. I know I didn't need another travelers journal but I couldn't help myself and besides, it was on sale! Know I'm more motivated to share mt Travelers Notebook/Journal set up.

#6 My latest obsession (cause you know I have one every month) are Matcha lattes! After watching a few videos by Simply Quinoa, who religiously drinks matcha lattes,  I decided to make my own. I decided to switch from midnight iced coffees to late night lattes (because drinking coffee at 11pm isn't the best). I've actually shared an iced green tea latte recipe before but I'm the ones I'm making are slightly healthier. Maybe I will update matcha latte.

#7 Mochi Peach's (Lee Suhyun from AKMU) latest video is just adorable, it features a Pomeranian and Overwatch, aka my life! I love it when K-pop idols have their own channels and show a different side of themselves.


  1. Matcha lattes are SO addictive, right?!

  2. Ooooh your crochet journal sounds fab! I really find writing things down. or laying them out visually helps me so much to be creative. I love Ellis' journal too!

    Steph - www.nourishmeblog.co.uk

    1. I haven't started it yet but my goal is to make it look like a scrapbook. ♥

  3. Watching a bunch of adventure time episodes in one go is one of my fav things to do, it's so relaxing and lovely! Oooh it's super exciting that you're gonna crochet dolls again!

    1. Adventure Time is also my favorite show! I'm excited to get back into making dolls hopefully they come out alright. ♥


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