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31 Good Things ♥ May 2018

31 Good Things
1. Cleaned my entire room. I love spring cleaning!
2. Started studying Korean again.
3. Won Cate's giveaway and received the cutest Goblin notebook.
4. Found the cow squishy from Smooshy Mooshy.
5.  Improved my skin! Skincare routine coming soon.
6. Found a new bb cream that I just adore! I will share in my May favorites.
7. Started incorporating the daily Tone It Up moves into my workout routine.
8. Pink Mercy skin revealed on Overwatch. Proceeds went to Breast Cancer Research Foundation.
9. Ordered the matching Pink Mercy skirt.
10. Posted about my Travelers Notebooks. I love how the photos came out.
11. Went to my first consoling session.
12. Made a sale in my Etsy shop.
13. Watched Avengers: Infinity War.
14. Thankful for multiple compliments on my BT21 crochet patterns. Thank you!
15. Received the most adorable meerkat box that contained new skincare.
16. Started drinking iced green tea soy lattes from Starbucks again.
17. Organized my makeup collection.
18. Perfected the puppy eyeliner look.
19. The Royal Wedding.
21. Managed to get a Red Velvet print by Vicki.
22. The Overwatch Anniversary event.
23. Bought my favorite candle from Bath and Body Works, Summer Boardwalk.
24. Finally found some oat milk! Why is it so difficult to find oat milk?
25. My younger sister graduated from High School!
26. Look into some beauty schools that I'm interested in.
27. Caught up on And That's Why We Drink podcast.
28. Made a lot of new Crochet/art journal entries, will share soon!
29. Our wifi connection started working again.
30. Binged watched the recent season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.
31. Drank some taro boba with my sister.

What good things happened to you in May?

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  1. So many good things happened in May! I love these kind of posts as they make you take the time to really think about everything that's happened recently, and that always leaves me feeling really happy with life! I made a lot of recipes and DIY projects that I am really proud of throughout May, and I hope I do the same this month as well ☺️

    1. I'm trying to write done one positive thing that happens every day, each month. It really makes you appreciate what you have in your life.

      I really loved your DIY projects and recipes in May and can't wait to see what you create in June! ♥


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