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Coffee Chat #21

Coffee Chat
#1 I hope you enjoyed my 31 Good Things post. Sorry for not really explaining that post but I just wanted it to be upfront and straight to the point. This will be a new monthly feature you can expect every month.

#2 I'm so excited for the new 'Let's Go, Eevee!' game for the Nintendo Switch! Eevee has always been my favorite Pokemon ever since that episode with the Eevee bothers in the first season of Pokemon. I always felt bad that they wanted to evolve Eevee. Does anybody else remember that episode?

#3 After hearing so much news about plastic straws I finally decided to buy some stainless steel straws. I bought this set on Amazon that comes with 4 straight straws, 4 slanted straws, and a brush to clean them with.

#4 20 Things To Tell Yourself When You're Feeling Burnt Out

#5 Last week I mentioned that I started season 2 of Hello My Twenties but I'm totally upset that they decided to replace one of the characters (Don't worry I won't spoil anything) with a new actress. Another character left the group in this season so they added a new character to keep the same number of characters but if two of the actress didn't want to come back shouldn't they have just added two new characters instead of replacing just one? The new actress doesn't even look or sound like the previous actress, which is so confusing! I will continue to watch the show but I will literally be SMH when I see the new actress.

#6 How I'm trying To Support Others Online + Stop Being A Silent Viewer

#7 I relisted my crocheted pinatas in my shop. When I was cleaning my room I found them in a box so I thought I would post them again because I want them to find a forever home. I wanted to give my readers a secret offer so use the code COFFEE to get 15% off your entire Mooeyandfriends order. Follow me on Twitter or Instagram to know when I update my shop.


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