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Coffee Chat #27

Coffee Chat
#1 Autumn is coming! Stores are already releasing their fall products. I was at Bath and Body Works picking up yet another Summer Boardwalk candle (my all-time favorite candle) when I noticed that BBW already had their fall collection out! I smelled a few but I probably won't buy one until the weather matches the mood.

#3 I just heard about Kaila's (aka Rainbowholic) new project, KawaiiJournaling.com. It's a website dedicated to kawaii journaling. It's still pretty new so there isn't that much on the site but if you're interested in starting a kawaii journal then definitely check it because it has lots of helpful information, especially this post.

#4 I received the cutest Hobonichi cover this week. It's this sparkly rainbow with pastel pink details. Don't worry I´ll make a post on my Hobonichi soon.

#6 It's so fascinating how we changed as we get older. I remember when I was younger (late teens to earlier '20s) I would rather have a full face of makeup instead of doing my hair but now I'm the complete opposite! haha

#7 I'm so excited about Red Velvet's comeback this weekend! Red Velvet is probably my favorite girl group at the moment. Peak-A-Boo and Bad Boy were such amazing songs that I kept on loop for weeks! Their concept looks very similar to Red Flavor, another fun song. By the way, if you ever want to get into K-pop I recommend Red Velvet. Any other Red Velvet fans excited for their comeback?

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