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Coffee Chat #28

Coffee Chat
#1 Over the weekend we finally returned my laptop! I don't think I've mentioned the problems we've had with trying to return the laptop my parents bought me for my birthday. The third-party who sold us the laptop wouldn't return any of our calls or emails. I blame Mercury in Retrograde for the communication problems. We finally reached out to the company where my parents bought the laptop from. They returned it on Saturday and now we're waiting for the refund. After that, I will be able to choose the laptop I want and finally have a laptop again.

#2 On Tuesday, I finally went to the Doctor after putting it off for years. I've had really bad stomach pains on and off for years but I've always just endured the pain because I just thought they were stressed related (they still could be). I got blood work done and have to go back on Friday for another test. Knock on wood they don't find anything serious.

#3 In my opinion, the worst part of going to the doctor is when they have to weigh you. I never weigh myself because I know the number will drive me crazy, and it has. Let's just say that I cried later when I got home. I've been working out on and off since I was 13. I've been on tons of diets, stop drinking soda, exercise straight for months, yoga, etc. It doesn't matter how much I've tried to become healthy I can't seem to be happy with my body. :(

#4 I updated my blog playlist so go listen to it if you want some new tunes. It's on the bottom right side of my blog.

#5 A friend recommend Meteor Garden on Netflix so I watched the first episode and was surprised to learn that it was another version of my favorite drama, Boys Over Flowers! They've made a few different adaptations before but I've only seen the Korean and Japanese versions. Meteor Garden is the Chinese version, I've never seen any Chinese dramas but I'm open to watching anything related to Boys Over Flowers. I'm excited to relive the story again and see what changes they make in this version.

#6 I had this idea for my next crochet series, K-pop light sticks/ fan sticks! What do you guys think? What groups fan stick would you like me to crochet?

#7 Earlier this week I binged a bunch of Frannerd's videos. There is something about watching someone who runs their own business that really fascinates and inspires me. She recently moved to New York so she hasn't posted any new videos yet but I can't wait to see her new videos of her in the States.


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