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Autumn/Halloween Planner Spread ♥ Blogtober

Autumn/Halloween Planner Spread
I haven't posted any updated planner spreads in a while so I wanted to show you this week's spread because I actually tried and was pretty satisfied with how it turned out. I decorated this planner spread over the weekend so not all of it is filled out like the to-do lists but a lot of it is.

Autumn/Halloween Planner Spread
I'm currently using the Happy Planner by Me And My Big Ideas. I didn't use much washi tape because I really love the pumpkins at the bottom. Since I don't like dark colors I used pastel colors to decorate this spread. The pens I used to write with are all Pilot Juice pens.

Autumn/Halloween Planner Spread
Most of the stickers I used are from Sprinkled Pug but I also used some stickers from Whimsical Cat Studio, Stationery Heaven Co, and Oh So Fawn. The bookmarks and die cuts are from Hello Paper Cat. The cloud page marker is from Love Neen. I used this kawaii pumpkin spice washi on to decorate the note section on the left side.

The top section is where I write my 'to do' lists. I prefer to fill these in the night before or on the morning of the actual day. The middle section is where I write down the blog post I'm going to publish that day. Since I don't publish any blog posts on the weekend I just stuck post-it notes there to be a little festive. The bottom boxes are where I write my workouts for that day. I do the same workout routine 5 times a week (I do a different routine every week) and like to draw a bubble so I can physically fill in the bubble because that motivates me to work out that day.

Autumn/Halloween Planner Spread
I won't go into too much detail because when it comes to planner spreads I think they do much of their own work.

Autumn/Halloween Planner Spread
Do you like to decorate your planner special for the holidays?

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  1. Ah, I've just got back into using a physical planner so this is giving me lots of inspiration! I love how you divide up your day into the to do lists, blog and workout sections!


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