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What I Got For Christmas 2018 ♥ Blogmas

What I Got For Christmas 2018
Originally, I wasn't going to make this post because either you love these 'what I got for Christmas' posts or you hate them. Personally, I don't mind them as long as the person doesn't show off tons of designer and brand name pieces because I think that sort of lifestyle is just unrealistic. Anyways, I ran a poll on Instagram and all of you said yes so here we are.

If you don't enjoy reading these posts then feel free to skip this one out. This is my final Blogmas post of the year. I hope you enjoyed reading all of my Blogmas and regular blog posts this year. Until next year, Happy New Year!

What I Got For Christmas 2018
Starting with what my younger sister got me. I was surprised when I saw that she got me a BT21 RJ sleeping mask and a Peripera cushion, I wasn't expecting either!

What I Got For Christmas 2018
My other sister got me a Pusheen box exclusive figure and latte art stencils.

What I Got For Christmas 2018
My dad got me AirPods. I know a lot of people like to poke fun at AirPods but when you're constantly on your headphones those cords get on your nerves and that's when AirPods become your best friend.

What I Got For Christmas 2018
My mom got me a PINK pullover with a cowl and boots. She's actually going to exchange the shoes for another pair because the ones she picked out for me wasn't my style.

What I Got For Christmas 2018
In my stocking, were some Starbucks gift cards and chocolates, most of which aren't pictured because I ate them already. haha

What I Got For Christmas 2018
Last but not least, my gifts to myself! BT21 was running a sale on Christmas and I simply couldn't resist so I bought myself a Cooky laptop sleeve and a Van plush keyring.

What I Got For Christmas 2018
What did you get for Christmas?

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  1. Aww you got some lovely gifts for Christmas! :D The AirPods look amazing! I've thought about getting some myself, but definitely let us know what they're like! :D

    I love the Pusheen latte art stencil too. :P


    1. They're really convenient but it's kind of annoying when you want to turn the volume up or down. ♥


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