Advice I Would Give To My 20 Year Old Self

Advice I Would Give To My 20 Year Old Self
A couple of days ago Instagram reminded me of a photo that I took in 2013 of me standing in front of my mirror showing off my OOTD. This sparked many emotions but mainly that I wanted to hop into a time machine and have a one-to-one chat with my 20-year-old self, which is how old I was in those photos.

I've seen several posts like these in our blogs and have wanted to make my own but never thought I had enough "personal experience". But after looking back I realized that if I had to go back and write a letter to my past self I would probably be able to write a whole novel of helpful advice that I could give my younger self. But since I'm not much of a writer I decided to make a list of 25 things that I would tell my younger self.

1. You aren't as fat as you think.
2. Take care of your skin! It's amazing even though it can get excessively oily at times. One day you'll wish that your skin could still that much oil.
3. Be your own supporter.
4. That "stress" you always complain about is anxiety.
5. Don't stop running on the treadmill.
6. Don't lose motivation.
7. You aren't as ugly as you think.
8. Don't be so quiet. We both know how expressive you can be!
9. Keep studying Korean.
10. Blogging won't be a temporary thing.
11. Continue to sell your crochet plushies on Etsy while you're on a roll! One day you'll wish that you had even one sale or message to make a commission.
11. You will eventually get a dog. #spoileralert
12. Think before you spend.
13. Get your drivers license!
14. Find a better job!
15. Don't go to social gatherings where you aren't comfortable.
16. Don't stop reading!
17. Enjoy every vacation to the fullest.
18. Eat more vegetables!
19. Don't hold in your emotions. They will find a way out.
20. Remember that you loved K-pop before it was "trendy".
21. Be proud of your creations.
22. Take risks and chances! You will regret not taking them when you're older.
23. You are much stronger then you think.
24. Don't isolate yourself.
25. Take care of yourself. Love yourself. You are the only person who is going to be with you forever.

What advice would you give your younger self?

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Hobbies That Have Helped My Depression

Hobbies That have helped My Depression
I've been working on taking care of my mental health since the beginning of the year, hence why I started Self-Care Sunday (check out the latest post here). To help relieve my depression I've tried many new and not-so-new hobbies, I tried so many things! Today, I'm going to share my favorite in case you or someone you know might be dealing with similar situations and be looking for a new hobby that is both healthy for your physical and mental being. The best part? It that most of these hobbies are pretty much free that you can start doing after you read this post!

Studies have shown that by meditating for a few minutes a day it can reduce stress, control anxiety, enhance self-awareness, improve sleep, lengthen attention span, to name a few. The first couple of times I medicated my mind wandered off but with practice, you will eventually get the hang of it. Just remember to breath. There are tons of apps that you can download to help relax your mind, set a mantra, and peaceful sounds. Or you can just set your phone timer to 5 minutes and sit in a peaceful area of your home and mediate.

Similar to mediation, by practicing yoga there are tons of amazing benefits. Not only are you focusing on breathing but also getting flexible and toned in the process. I like to replace 1-2 days of my workout with a 20-60 minute yoga session.

Out of all the hobbies that I mention in this post, reading has by far helped me the most. I started reading last year but have actively read a few pages a night. My favorite genre is self-help because I love hearing about other people's experiences about their lowest points how they turned their life around, it gives me hope for my life. Let me know if you would like me to make a post on my favorite self-help books.

Writing down your thoughts really helps get whatever is on your mind out of your head and on to paper. Get yourself a journal and start writing down something, anything! A list, poem, short story, song lyrics, a motivational quote, conversation you had, etc.

Hobbies That have helped My Depression
What hobbies do you do?

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Self-Care Sunday | Mantra #3

Self-Care Sunday
This week's mantra card. I shuffled and parted the deck and this was the card I drew out. You can use this card as an affirmation or mantra for the week ahead. If you have a journal you can write this on a page and look back whenever you need a bit of wisdom.

Self-Care Sunday
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Currently ♥ No. 8

Reading: Big Magic: Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert

Watching: Catching up on my favorite Youtube videos

Eating: Tofu scrabble and Girl Scout cookies!

Loving: The K-pop group I started on Ravelry! Join here.

Feeling: Sore

Listening: Monsta X - Take.2 We Are Here

Celebrating: Lucy's birthday (it was on Wednesday)

Excited For: The 91st Academy Awards, aka the Oscars. This is the only award show that I look forward every year. haha

Practicing: I started going to the Chiropractor last week and they've been trying to help realign my back from a problem I've had for years. Some days I feel sorer them others but they say that my back is responding well to everything.

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MONSTA X MONLIGHT Fan Stick Plush Giveaway! (CLOSED)

MONSTA X MONLIGHT Fan Stick Plush Giveaway
I haven't posted a giveaway in a couple months, I was kind of tired of getting comments from K-pop fans about getting these plushies for free without entering the giveaway. But I'm going to try again and give you all a chance to win a Monsta X Monlight fan stick plush crocheted by me. I just posted the free Monsta X Monlight plush pattern so if don't win you can always crochet your own.

MONSTA X MONLIGHT Fan Stick Plush Giveaway
The winner gets their own mini crocheted MONSTA X MONLIGHT fan stick made by me! You can even choose to turn the plush into a keychain. I will also throw in some extra Monsta X goodies!

Follow the mandatory entries, if you don't have an Instagram or Twitter account let me know in your comment. You must stay followed to my account(s) until the end of the giveaway to be qualified. If you don't you will be disqualified and I will choose someone else.

Giveaway is international and will be open for one month. After the giveaway is over I will be randomly selecting a winner using a random generator and will contact the winner soon after. The winner has one week to respond, if they don't I will pick another winner. Good luck!


MONSTA X MONLIGHT Fan Stick Plush Giveaway
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MONSTA X MONLIGHT Fan Stick Plush ♥ Crochet Pattern

MONSTA X MONLIGHT Fan Stick Plush Crochet Pattern
Monsta X just made a comeback with their latest album, Take.2 We Are Here. To celebrate this release I decided to crochet their fan stick which is called Monlight. The Monsta X fans, Monbebe, help name the fan stick because they are the shining light of their lives. Monsta X has three different fan colors, Pantone 2221C, Dark Blue C, and 2405C. Strangely enough, none of them are incorporated into the fan stick.

The Monlight fan stick was difficult to crochet because of the odd light shape. The Monlight has a purplish-pink clear shell with the Monsta X logo. I used a purplish-pink yarn. I tried my best to make it look like the fan stick and I'm actually really happy with the end result.

MONSTA X MONLIGHT Fan Stick Plush Crochet Pattern
- G/4.25 mm crochet hook
- Pink worsted weight yarn
- Black worsted weight yarn
- Black felt
- White felt
- Slanted tapestry needle
- Scissors
- Polyfil stuffing
- Fabric glue

ch(s) - chains
st(s) - stitch(es)
slst - slip stitch
sc - single crochet
dec - decrese
cc - color change
(x_) - repeat (_) amount of times
[x_] - repeat everything inside the [_] times amount of times

Crochet Level

If you have any problems with this pattern feel free to contact me so that I can make corrections to the pattern.

MONSTA X MONLIGHT Fan Stick Plush Crochet Pattern
With G hook and black yarn
Round 1: magic circle 8 sts. Total = 8 sts
Rounds 2-9: sc 8 sts. Total = 8 sts
Round 10: [2sc, sc 3 st](x2). Total = 10 sts
Rounds 11-13: sc 10 sts. Total = 10 sts
Round 14: [2sc, sc 4 st](x2). Total = 12 sts
Rounds 15-17: sc 12 sts. Total = 12 sts
Round 18: 2sc in each st(x8). Total = 24 sts
Round 19: [2sc, sc 6 sts](x4). Total = 28 sts
Rounds 20-21: sc 28 sts. Total = 28 sts
cc to purple/pink yarn
Round 22-26: sc 28 sts. Total = 28 sts
Round 27: [2sc, sc 3 st](x7). Total = 35 sts
Rounds 28-29: sc 35 sts. Total = 35 sts
Cut off and leave a long tail

MONSTA X MONLIGHT Fan Stick Plush Crochet Pattern
Round 1: magic circle 7 sts. Total = 7 sts
Rounds 2: 2sc in each st (x7). Total = 14 sts
Rounds 3: [sc 1, 2sc in each st](x7). Total = 21 sts
Rounds 4: [sc 2, 2sc in each st](x7). Total = 28 sts
Round 5: [sc 3, 2 sc in each st](x7). Total = 35 sts
Cut off and leave a long tail

MONSTA X MONLIGHT Fan Stick Plush Crochet Pattern
Sew to handle to the bottom part of the top. Stuff the top part of the fan stick with polyfill. Sew the other piece of the top together. Cut out the Monsta X logo and letters and glue to the appropriate places, press lightly to secure.

MONSTA X MONLIGHT Fan Stick Plush Crochet Pattern
Are you a fan of Monsta X?

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Currently ♥ No. 7

Reading: Reasons to stay alive by Matt Haig. I was putting my last book away and noticed that I didn't finish the last few pages of this book.

Watching: Tidying Up With Marie Kondo, Derry Girls, Romance Is A Bonus Book and One

Eating: Macarons

Drinking: Iced almond milk lattes

Loving: All of the Sakura themed stuff from Starbucks Japan!
Feeling: Refreshed

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What I've Been Loving Lately ♥ February 2019

What I've Been Loving Lately
Happy Valentine's Day! Since I'm forever single I wanted to share some of the things that I've been loving for the past couple of months.

- Two new skincare products that I recently added to my routine
- Listening to old music #nostalgic
- Wearing earrings. I'm very thankful that the holes didn't close up for not wearing earrings for years!
- Lilac colored things
- Lightening my hair with highlights
- Reading before bed
- Watching videos of cows happily skipping in fields #spiritanimal
- A new iced latte recipe I recently created
- Lucy's face when she's sleeping. She smiles! It's the cutest thing!
- Listening to podcasts when I'm lonely
- That my hair is growing out. I spent a long time wondering why my hair wasn't growing but after leaving it alone it started to grow on its own. Amazing!
- Learning to love myself *plays BTS song*
- Watching K-dramas again
- Kingdom Hearts 3
- Cleaning (Thanks Marie Kondo for inspiring me!)
- Ice cream sandwiches
-Fleece lined clothing
- Naps
- Keeping up with my Hobonichi
- Working out when I didn't want to
- Being proud of what I've accomplished so far!
- When people share their versions of my crochet patterns
- Derry Girls. Can't wait for season 2!
This design by Ellis
- Crocheting for myself
- That I joined Vicki's Patreon
Taemin's new song #sexy
- Rainy days
- Sakura season
Lavender Sherbet Rilakkuma
- Sugared doughnut scented candles
- For not giving up!

What are you currently loving?

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My Favorite Hobonichi Pages ♥ Dare to Dream Challenge

My Favorite Hobonichi Pages
In January, I participated in the 2019 Dare to Dream journaling challenge hosted by Kaila and Abbey. The goal was to finish 8 of the 15 prompts but I ended up doing all 15 prompts. Since I didn't want to share all of the pages (some are more personal than others) I decided to only share a few of the pages with you all. Hopefully, my Hobonichi pages will inspire some of you to start kawaii journaling.

My Favorite Hobonichi Pages
My 2019 journals

My Favorite Hobonichi Pages
3 new activities to try + Declarations to the universe page

*I'm already teaching myself Korean but under the ice cream scoop, I have other ways that I want to try to help me learn Korean better.

My Favorite Hobonichi Pages
Things I love doing + Self-affirmation page

My Favorite Hobonichi Pages
Polaroid washi tape page

My Favorite Hobonichi Pages
Did you participate in the Dare to Dream challenge?

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Self-Care Sunday | Quotes

Self-Care Sunday
Today I'm sharing some of my favorite quotes that inspire me when I'm feeling down or unmotivated. Some of these quotes are from the Law of Attraction twitter, #88 love life by Diana Rikasari, or Audrey Kitching's Twitter.

"Trust that you are exactly where you need to be in this moment."

"If you have to force it. Let it go. The things meant for you will flow effortlessly."

"I will not get better by hating myself."

"Don't sweat the small things. But hey, some small things actually count."

"Your heart always knows the truth. It's the mind that likes to play tricks on you."

"In happiness there's sadness. In sadness there's happiness. Life's balanced that way."

"Although people might fail you over and over and over again, just make sure that you DON'T FAIL YOURSELF."

"Go out there. Explore. Don't just live in your own bubble and hate the world."

"Real happiness is when you can accept that life isn't always that happy and yet you still choose to smile and move on."

"The decision to be happy is not made for you. It is a decision you make for yourself."

"You own yourself, don't give it away."

"Feel before thinking. Think before speaking."

"Don't live to prove or make a point. Just live and enjoy."

"Save some magic for yourself, don't give everything away. You deserve some miracles of your own."

"It may seem like a big risk to follow your dream, but isn't the greatest risk of all to miss your life?"

"Everything you want is out there waiting for you to ask. Everything you want also wants you. But you have to take action to get it."

"When you keep questioning the universe why it's never with you, perhaps ask why it doesn't seem to want to."

"Sometimes, things happen because they have to. Not for the good, but for the best. We happened. And must be for the best."

Self-Care Sunday
What's your favorite quote?

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Currently ♥ No. 6

Planning: Spending another weekend trying to finish KH3. Can you believe I haven't finished yet? Thankfully, I managed to avoid spoilers.

Watching: Purl. I love this Pixar short for many reasons!

Drinking: Milk Tea

Loving: My postcard from Kaila (aka Rainbowholic). I received this because I completed the Kawaii Journaling Holiday challenge.

Feeling: Nostalgic

Listening: I recently got my younger sister hooked into all the emo bands I used to listen to (before I discovered K-pop) like Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, Panic! at the Disco, just to name a few.

Celebrating: Lunar New Year

Excited For: Taemin's comeback!

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Year of the Pig Decal ♥ Crochet Pattern

Piggy Face Decal Crochet Pattern
Happy Lunar New Year! I have never celebrated Lunar New Year but it looks like so much fun and I always love finding out what the animal of the year is going to be. This year it's the year of the pig! Back in January, I posted this 2019 garland as a Patreon reward (Join now to get February's reward!). On both ends, I attached a pig decal because wanted to incorporate the year of the pig.

Today, I'm going to be sharing the pattern on how to make those piggies! You can get really creative with this pattern and use the pig decal for multiple different projects. For example, you can make a brooch, a coaster, or you can make a pig garland! Remember to tag me @mooeyandfriends or @mooeyscrochet of your completed projects so that I can see them.

Piggy Face Decal Crochet Pattern
- H/4.25 mm crochet hook
- Pale pink worsted weight yarn
- Slanted tapestry needle
- Scissors
- Black felt
- Fabric glue

ch(s) - chain(es)
st(s) - stitch(es)
slst - slip stitch
sk - skip
sc - single crochet
dec - decrease
flo - front loop only
blo - back loop only
(x_) - repeat _ amount of times

Crochet Level

If you have any problems with this pattern feel free to reach out to me so that I can help you and make any corrections to the pattern.

Piggy Face Decal Crochet Pattern
Round 1: magic circle, sc 6 sts. Total = 8 sts
Round 2: 2sc in each st (x8). Total = 16 sts
Round 3: 2sc in next st, sc 1 st (x8). Total = 24 sts
Round 4: 2sc in next st, sc 2 sts (x8). Total = 32 sts
Round 5: 2 sc in next st, sc 3 sts (x8). Total = 40 sts
Round 6: sc 40 sts. Total 40 sts
slst and move to the first ear

Ears (make 2)
*Sk 5 sts and insert your hook for the second ear.
Row 1: sc 4 sts, turn. Total = 4 sts
Row 2: ch 1, sc 4 sts, turn. Total = 4 sts
Row 3: dec 2 sts. Total = 2 sts
cut off and weave in ends

Row 1: ch 5 sts, sc blo 5 sts. Total = 5 st
Row 2: ch 1, turn and crochet on the opposite side of the row you were just working on, flo 5 sts, slst to first st. Total = 10 sts
cut off and leave long yarn tail for sewing

Piggy Face Decal Crochet Pattern
Sew the nose to the center of the pig's face. Cut out two black circles to use as eyes and glue with no-sew glue. Weave in all ends.

Piggy Face Decal Crochet Pattern
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The ABCs of K-Pop Playlist ♥ 2011-2012

I've been a fan of K-pop since I was in high school (I graduated in 2011). The first groups that I listened to were Girls' Generation, 2PM, and 4Minute. This was back before Gangnam Style and BTS was breaking world records. As an avid K-pop fan, I'm very proud how far this music movement has come and that many are finally recognizing the talent from Korean artists. However, I also feel bad for past groups. That's why I thought I would share some amazing songs by artists and groups from the past because these without them you wouldn't have the groups and artists we have today.

That's why I wanted to start a new series on my blog where I share songs from artists from the past. Introducing, The ABC's of K-pop. I will be posting an ABC style playlist featuring songs or artists that begin with a letter of the alphabet from certain years. This way new K-pop fans can discover some rad songs from older groups.

I'm starting with 2011-2012 because that's when I started actively listening to K-pop. I'm not biased when it comes to K-pop, I'll listen to any artists or group from any company. I choose songs that I really enjoyed based on the letter from the alphabet. Hopefully, those who weren't listening to K-pop music around this time will discover not-so-new songs or artists that you'll love!

Other songs I couldn't find on Spotify
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Currently ♥ No. 5

Playing: Kingdom Hearts 3! OMG!

Reading: 10 Tips of the best tips for new crafters

Watching: The final episodes of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

Eating: Mickey Mouse Shaped frozen Waffles! I bought these just to celebrate the release of Kingdom Hearts.

Loving: I finally caught up on my Hobonichi! I've been 1-3 pages behind for the past week, plus, I finished the Dare to Dream challenge. Look out for a post on this soon.

Listening: Yang Yoseop - 20 Full Moons

Celebrating: That I completed another 30-Day Yoga journey and the Blogilates 100 ab challenge.

Excited For: I just pledged to Vicki's Patreon. I'm so excited to see all of her art and rewards!

Practicing: My handwriting

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