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MONSTA X MONLIGHT Fan Stick Plush Giveaway! (CLOSED)

MONSTA X MONLIGHT Fan Stick Plush Giveaway
I haven't posted a giveaway in a couple months, I was kind of tired of getting comments from K-pop fans about getting these plushies for free without entering the giveaway. But I'm going to try again and give you all a chance to win a Monsta X Monlight fan stick plush crocheted by me. I just posted the free Monsta X Monlight plush pattern so if you don't win you can always crochet your own.

MONSTA X MONLIGHT Fan Stick Plush Giveaway
The winner gets their own mini crocheted MONSTA X MONLIGHT fan stick made by me! You can even choose to turn the plush into a keychain. I will also throw in some extra Monsta X goodies!

Follow the mandatory entries, if you don't have an Instagram or Twitter account let me know in your comment. You must stay followed to my account(s) until the end of the giveaway to be qualified. If you don't you will be disqualified and I will choose someone else.

Giveaway is international and will be open for one month. After the giveaway is over I will be randomly selecting a winner using a random generator and will contact the winner soon after. The winner has one week to respond, if they don't I will pick another winner. Good luck!


MONSTA X MONLIGHT Fan Stick Plush Giveaway
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  1. You did such a great job it's so cute!!
    I have a few friends who are Monbebe so I will let them know :)

  2. Oh this is absolutely adorable! I love this so much. My lovely friend just sent me the link to your blog, I am in love with it! - Tasha

  3. Ooh I forgot to add to my first comment my favourite Monsta X song is All I Do! I love the beat, I get ready to it most mornings, but Fighter, Fallin', Oh My!, Unfair Love and Amen come in a close second. - Tasha

  4. They are new to me so a few are fun and get me moving


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