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SpellBook Hobonichi Cover ♥ Crochet Pattern

Are you ready for another Halloween-inspired crochet pattern? Hopefully, you are because I'm really excited to share this project with you! I love it when I can fuse two of my favorite hobbies together (such as K-pop light sticks) to make one project. This time, I'm meshing my love for stationery with my love of crochet and I created a spellbook cover for my Hobonichi Techo or any other A6 notebook. If you don't want to invest in a new Hobonichi cover for 2020 you can now customize a cover of your own!

I used a double crochet stitch but I think a single crochet stitch would be better if you want a sturdier cover. Feel free to use whatever colors you want. The pattern for the cover itself is really simple. the trickiest part of this entire is the surface crochet, surface crochet can be tricky even for me sometimes but the surface crochet part is optional, you can just cut out the star from felt if you would like. Maybe I'll make a post or video about this in the future. Let me know if you would like that.

- H/5.00 mm crochet hook
- G/4.25 mm crochet hook
- Worsted weight yarn (your choice)
- Slanted tapestry needle
- Scissors
- Various felt sheets
- Fabric glue

ch(s) - chains
st(s) - stitch(es)
slst - slip stitch
sk - skip
sc - single crochet
dc - double crochet
flo - front loop only
blo - back loop only
(x_) - repeat (_) amount of times
[x_] - repeat everything inside the [_] times amount of times

Crochet Level

If you have any problems with this pattern feel free to contact me so that I can make corrections to the pattern.

With cover color yarn and H hook
Row 1: ch 23 sts, sk 2 sts (counts as 1 dc), dc 21 sts. Total = 21 sts
Rows 2-10: ch 1, dc 21 sts. Total = 21 sts
Row 11: ch 1, blo, dc 21 sts. Total = 21 sts
Rows 12-20: ch 1, dc 21 sts. Total = 21 sts
Cut off and leave long tail for sewing

Pockets (make 2)
With pocket color yarn and H hook, insert your hook behind the sts of the sides. Make sure the color of the cover color doesn't poke out.
Row 1: slst, ch 1, flo, sc 21 sts. Total = 21 sts
Rows 2-7: ch 1, sc 21 sts. Total = 21 sts
Cut off and leave long tail for sewing

Pen tabs (make 2)
With pen tab yarn color and H hook
Row 1: Ch 5, sc 4 sts. Total = 4 sts
Rows 2-10: sc 4 sts. Total = 4 sts
Cut off and leave long tail for sewing

With G hook, surface crochet decorations onto the cover. I only surfaced crocheted the star on the cover and then used felt and glue to make moons and stars. Next, sew the sides of the pockets down. Then. sew the pen tabs to the side of the cover. Weave all loose ends.

Happy Halloween!

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