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Dear Diary, #4

Dear Diary
What happened this week
Another busy week of studying Korean. This week I had my midterm for my speaking test. It was kind of difficult to practice and study for this test because I caught a cold early in the week and had the worst headache and stomach ache, I even missed a day of school because I felt so bad. Thankfully, I'm all better now. My speaking test went well too! I got my results back already and I did way better then I thought I did!

Favorites from the week
Watching: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 3
Playing: Sims 4
Eating: Chocolate chip cookies and cupcakes
Feeling: Recover from a cold
Loving: The friendships I've made in Korea so far. I'm so lucky to have found such sweet friends!
Excited for: The weekend! I can't wait to sleep-in, play Sims 4, catch up on podcasts and not worry about school for a few days!
Celebrating: Lunar New Year! For Lunar New Year my school gave us Friday and Monday off so I have a 4-day weekend! Yay!

Now playιng: [Black Swan] - [BTS]
0:13 ─────── 3:18

Are you celebrating Lunar New Year this weekend? 


  1. I love eating chocolate chip cookies too. It's so lovely to see you loving life in Korea ♡ Great post

  2. I'm so glad you are feeling better and well done on still succeeding in your lessons! That is amazing <3 I've been meaning to watch Sabrina, what did you think of it?

    1. Thank you Kailey! I love Sabrina, it's my favorite Netflix Original Series! ♥


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