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a twenty-something kawaii lifestyle blogger, and creator of Mooeyandfriends, based in the United States. On my blog, I share rambles of my daily life, advice, DIY, crochet patterns, stationery-related posts.

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Dear Diary, #9

What happened this week
My first week back in the United States! It's so nice to be back home and sleeping in my comfy queen-size bed with Lucy by my side, I'm really going to miss this when I go back to South Korea. That is IF I go back to South Korea! Depending on what happens with the Co…

Korean Stationery Haul ♥ Mooey In Korea

Before I left South Korea for school break I rewarded myself by visiting a few shops. I visited Standard Love Dance, Chuu, MUJI, and a few other shops. Along the way, I picked up a few stationery pieces because I just couldn't help myself! I also posted an ASMR-style video on my Youtube Channe…

Dear Diary, #8

What happened this week I know it isn't Friday but just think of this as a very late Dear Diary blog post! I flew out of South Korea on Saturday and arrived in Atlanta at midnight Saturday/Sunday morning. I wanted to publish a Dear Diary #8 on Sunday but jetlag has been hitting me hard this time…

Dear Diary, #7

What happened this week I finally received my Korea Alien Registration Card. I've been waiting for over a month for a response, they were supposed to email me but never did. I finally just went to the office to find out my card had been ready for almost a month. This whole situation had been st…

Dear Diary, #6

What happened this week
This week was my first regular week back in school in two weeks. I just realized that I only have two weeks of school left! I think I should say these 10 weeks went by fast but, to be honest, I really hope these next two weeks fly by! I've been getting homesick again and…

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