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Dear Diary, #14

Dear Diary
What happened this week
Not much to report this week. The highlight of my day everyday is seeing what new things I can do in Animal Crossing. I'm currently in the process of organizing all the houses and shops on my island. By the way, who has the pink drink machine and cotton candy machine? DM if you do!

I did add some new items to my shop earlier this week. I'm obsessed with the K-pop lightstick journal keychains I made! They fit perfectly inside PVC journals. Who's lightstick would you like to see as a keychain next?

Current favorites
Watching: Tiger King
Playing: Animal Crossing New Horizons
Eating: Pasta...lots of pasta lol
Loving: That my Nintendo Switch kawaii makeover video has gotten 4K views! Thank you so much if you have watched it!
Listening: The Paranormal Podcast

Now playιng: [Hold] - [WINNER]
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  1. Wow, over 4000 views?!? Amazing job! I subscribed (on another account, as I've accidentally made many 😅) and gave it another watch for you ☺️

    1. Thank you Indya! I know, I'm shocked that video has received so much attention! ♥

  2. I'm so jealous of yall playing Animal Crossing right now! It seems like such a precious game. Also, I think pasta has to be my favorite meal heh. What's your favorite kind?

    1. I highly recommend Animal Crossing! I've been obsessed with it ever since it came out! It's a nice distraction from what's currently going on. Pasta is so easy to prepare, just add any sauce and veggies with a side bread roll, it's the perfect meal! My favorite type of noodle is penne! ♥


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