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Journals I'm Currently Using ♥ July 2020

Journals I'm Currently Using
You all know that I'm a huge fan of stationery. There are times I just buy stationery because of how cute or affordable an item is, like notebooks and journals. I have many blank notebooks/journals that serve no purpose other than to be cute. haha

Earlier this year I posted a Planners I'm Using in 2020 but I only used it for 2 1/2 months and then the world went crazy. This time, I'm sharing what notebooks and journals I'm currently using. You will see that I prefer to use smaller notebooks because they're travel-friendly. What type of size notebook do you like to use?

Journals I'm Currently Using
A6 6-Ring Binder Journal
I bought this A6 6-ring binder journal from Artbox when I was in Korea. Out of all the journals that I own this one is my favorite to use. This is my memory and art notebook, kind of like a scrapbook but better! Back when I had a Hobonichi, my favorite spreads were the artsy ones with no real meaning other than just looking aesthetically pleasing. The binder rings make it easy to remove and decorate pages without worrying about damaging the pages which was a big problem I had with the Hobonichi. You can see some examples of my spreads here. I should really post more of my spreads on Instagram. haha

Creative Content Notebook
In this floral notebook, I jot down ideas of blog posts, Youtube, anything creative that I do online. The notebook is from Target which I bought back in late 2018. Whenever I can't come up with any new content I will flip through past pages to see if I can get fresh ideas.

Crochet Notebook
In this lavender-colored notebook, I write down my crochet patterns. The grid paper makes it easier for me to write down patterns better because I can imagine each square as a stitch. I draw a rough sketch of my project and then I simplify by drawing shapes so I know what I have to crochet. It's kind of messy because I scratch off ideas that didn't work (I don't like using pencils) but not everything has to look pretty, right? haha

Journals I'm Currently Using
To-do Notebook
I've been using My Micro Happy Notes as a to-do list notebook. Back in Blogtober, I published a post on how I use this notebook. I like decorating this notebook because it's like making a mini journal entry without spending to much time on.

Animal Crossing Journal
The newest addition to my notebook collection is my Animal Crossing Journal. I've been using it to help plan out my island on New Horizons, sort of like my personal ACNH guide book. Each of my villagers even has their own page which lists their birthdays, likes, dislikes, fashion style,  phrases, etc. Maybe I'll post another Animal Crossing journal post soon!

Journals I'm Currently Using
How many notebooks/journals do you use?


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