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This October

This October
What I watched
Emily In Paris
A very cheesy but feel good series to watch on Netflix. It gave me Gossip Girl and Sex of the City vibes. It also made me want to go visit Paris again.

The Haunting of Bly Manor
I saw a lot of advertisements for this series online so I decided to give it a watch, plus it was the spooky season. It's not that scary watch, it's just a series of sad stories based in a creepy house with creepy kids. I only got scared once in the entire series but it was just a tease, not even a full-on scary moment. It was also a very slow show like this could've been a 6-episode rather than 9-episodes.

What I Listened
This song gave me BIGBANG vibes. PENTAGON's new EP, WE: TH is amazing! I highly recommend giving it a listen. Some of my favorite songs were Beautiful Goodbye, Nostalgia, and Paradise.

Make A Wish (Birthday Song) - NCT U
NCT can do no wrong. This song was stuck in my head so much this month.

Eyes wide open is probably the best TWICE album in a very long time. TWICE singles and albums have always been either a hit or miss with me. Sometimes the songs sound very cringy but I think this comeback suited them and their age perfectly.

What I Bought
CeraVe Daily Moisturizing Lotion
There's been so much hype about the brand CeraVe. I've always seen this brand in stores but never cared for it because I assumed that the low price meant their products weren't good. I bought a travel-size to test out the lotion and it's amazing! The consistency is very lovely and it absorbs into the still nicely. I can see this being both a good face and body lotion. I'm going to buy the bigger bottle as soon as I finish the trave-size bottle.

Tarot Notebook
I bought a new notebook for my daily Tarot cards. Every day I ask a question and pull a card and write it in my journal. Check out this post to see how I'm learning to read Tarot cards.

Vitamin D Supplements
If you're like me and have been spending the majority of my time indoors then I recommend investing in some vitamin D supplements. Our body makes vitamin D when exposed to the sun but if you're stuck indoors (which most of us are) then you're not getting enough vitamin D. I'm currently using these supplements.

Things I Love
My blogger friends starting new businesses
Two of my blogging friends started their own small businesses this month, Marissa started Snuggly Duckling Crafts, a Singapore-based handmade vegan cruelty-free soap company. Michelle, of Daisybutter, started AndChai, a vegan cruelty-free hand-poured scented soy wax candle. Go check out both of these shops. A lot of small businesses have suffered this year because of the global pandemic so please consider supporting a small business this year if you can.

French Press
My mother brought back a bag of ground coffee from our favorite cafe in Mexico so I decided to take out the french press to fully experience the taste of the coffee. LIFE CHANGING! It does require more time but the taste makes it worth it.

Last months gaols
Successfully complete Blogtober - CHECK

Autumn activities - I carved a pumpkin but that was about it. haha

Goals for next month
Shop update
I'm be updating my shop sometime later this month. I want to add some Christmas items and other things that I think will make cute gifts.

Get healthy again
October was the worse month for my health. I skipped many meditations, workouts and didn't eat as healthy as I would've liked. I feel better when I do all of these things but I have a difficult time trying to balance my healthy lifestyle. For example, maybe I want to eat a healthy meal but the people around me want to get fast food. Most of the time, I'm really good at not giving in to temptations but I also have a lot of YOLO moments. Wish me luck! haha

Get my wisdom teeth out
Not fun but I need to get them taken out.

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Posts From The Month
Moon Garland Crochet Pattern

How was your October?


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