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Who am I?
Hello! I am Michelle, a 24-year-old blogger born in Chicago. Currently living in Georgia. I'm a passionate blogger and shop owner of the Etsy crochet shop, MooeyAndFriends (currently on hiatus). My blog is a wonderful place where I share all of my favorite things with my readers. I hope you all enjoy reading my blog and follow me on all of my social media if you want more sneak peeks into my life.

I'm an open-minded person who tries to see the beauty in everyday life. Mother of Lucy, my baby Pomeranian puppy. Vegetarian. Stationary addict. Dreamer. Middle sister of two loving sisters. Tsum Tsum collector. Crocheter. Crafter. Blogger. Beauty enthusiast.

What is MoeeyAndFriends?
Mooey, is a soft plush cow that I have had for years. She inspired the name of my store, which is now coincidentally the name of my blog. MooeyAndFriends is my Etsy shop I created in 2008. I started out selling crocheted dolls. In 2012, I started crocheting and selling sleep masks. My blog was once called, A Colorful Creation but I eventually changed the name to MooeyAndFriends as well. I wanted to stop confusion via on social media, so just grouped everything into one

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Favorite things
I love puppies, cows, K-pop music, kawaii stationary, Breakfast food, Korean beauty products, coffee, K-dramas, tea, ice cream, Japanese Harajuku fashion, magazines, opera, musicals, video games, Tsum Tsums, anything Baymax related, pastels, crepes, Animal Crossings, etc.

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