My Trip to Mexico (Part 2)

This is part two of my pictures that I took on my trip to Mexico. To see part one click here. This post mainly features some of the yummy food that I saw and/or ate. Enjoy!

Piggy bread! I saw this at a bakery and thought it was amazing! I should have bought it.

I don't really like any of the big coffee chains in Mexico so I always go to Starbucks.

I saw this at the checkout line and thought it was super cute!

BOBA! My first day in Mexico I saw this boba shop and had to go to it. This was my first official time trying boba tea. I got a iced chai tea frappe with boba, to be honest the boba pearls were very soggy and my drink had a lot of ice in it so I could barely drink anything.

One thing I noticed about Mexican mascaras is that most of them have HUGE brushes. But they're really cheap, we're talking about $2 to $5 mascara of course I bought some to try out. Check out my Mexico haul to see what else I bought in Mexico here.

More animal edibles. I think is is suppose to be a hippo.

Yummy gelato!

Sprinkle cookies!

(Top: Yorkie, Button: Pekingese)
On one of my last days we went to a mall and saw these adorable puppies at the pet store. They were so cute!

More gelato. The top left one is cookies & cream that had white chocolate chips! It was AMAZING!

On my last day we saw Ice Age 4 in 4DX. Yes, that's right 4D! Currently there is only 4D theaters in South Korea, Mexico, and Thailand but they should be opening some here in the States soon. So how was it? Pretty amazing! It felt like you were flying! However my butt was pretty numb afterwards. 

Well that is all! Sorry I didn't take too many "tourist" pictures it's just that I don't like taking scenery shots that much. 



My Trip to Mexico (Part 1)

So for those who don't know I was gone for two weeks earlier this month visiting my family in Mexico. I stayed in my grandma's house and had a blast! Here are some of my pictures I took via iphone! 

Did my nails before my trip. I used nail stickers that I got in my Birchbox a while ago so that I didn't have ti worry about chipping and stuff.

On the road...

It was very cloudy during my stay in Mexico but that's what I get for going during the rainy season.

Love these tile floors at my grandma's house. Everything in Mexico is so colorful!

By far the best soy meat I have ever tasted!

We found this very cute store in one of the malls I visited and they had this cute little shop where you buy these cute creatures (Like Build-A-Bear but you just buy and not "build"). The store was so adorable I had to take pictures!

These stairs lead up to a slide where kids can slide off and land on the other side of the store. Too bad the slide was closed, if not I would've totally tried it!

A yummy strawberry shortcake in a to-go cup that I found at a Wal-Mart (Why doesn't my Wal-Mart carry these?)

Well that's all for this post stay tune for more pictures (and yummy treats!) in part 2 of my trip to Mexico.



Back From Vacation Update (7/22/12)

One of my all time favorite Mexican cookies! They are marshmallow coconut cookies with strawberry jelly, they're the best!

On our way back from Mexico our car broke down so we were stuck at a McDonald's while it was getting fixed. Their new chocolate chip frappe is so yummy! 

I saw this peace tea green tea at a gas station and decided to buy it because I missed green tea. I forgot to shake it though so it tasted kind of weird but I plan to try more of their tea's because I love the cans!

This was one of my birthday presents from my sister. I can't wait to start making some of these puppies!

I am finally back from Mexico! Sorry that I didn't blog this week it was super crazy and I was spending time with my family in Mexico but don't worry I have tons of posts coming up this week.

Hope you guys had a wonderful weekend!



Vacation Update (7/15/12)

As some of you guys already know I am staying in Mexico foe two weeks in my Grandma's house. This first week was very gloomy and rainy but I found a way to make myself smile.

Random tile floor at my grandma's house. So pretty!

To my surprise there was a boba shop near where my grandma lives so of course I had to check it out.

Bag necessities, lip balm, blotting papers, and a cute compact. ^-^

Probably one of the cutest chocolate bars I've seen in Mexico, so far.

It was my birthday this week! I turned 19! Full birthday post here.

I bought some Mexican mascaras to try out and I notice that they all have massive size brushes.

I heard today is national ice cream day, is that right? Well we bought some to celebrate.

These photos are just some of the many that I've taken since I've been on vacation in Mexico. I plan making an entire post with all the pictures after I go back to the States so look forward to that in a week. This upcoming week I have lots of stuff planned like watching Ice Age 4 in 4D! Can you believe it? They actually have one of those here! I will let you guys know how that turns out.

How was your weekend?



Review: Lioele Beyond the Solution BB Cream

Today I will be reviewing the Lioele beyond the solution BB cream. I first tried this BB cream in a sample that came with my other BB cream order. After just one use I knew that I would love this stuff and had to order it ASAP!

What is a BB cream you may ask? Well it's a like a foundation and skincare mixed in with the formulation of a tinted moisturizer. This is my second BB cream and honestly I feel like the more BB creams I use and discover the better they get.

- Great natural coverage! Not to heavy but not to light either.
- Covers blemishes perfectly. You don't have to use a concealer because it's that perfect!
- Has a nice finish. A nice mix of dewy and matte.
- Doesn't leave you looking "white" or "grey" like most BB creams do.
- Affordable price.
- Comes with a pump.
- The packaging is adorable and pink!

- Hard to find. Unless you live in Korean you probably have to buy it online.
- Only comes in one shade.
- Does not contain any SPF, which is odd because most BB creams do.

If you have been looking for a BB cream to buy and not sure which one I would highly recommend this one. You will love it! Lioele also has another BB cream called Triple the Solution which has SPF, have any of you guys tried that one? I heard some pretty good reviews on that one, I might have to check that one out!

You can buy the Lioele Beyond the Solution BB Cream here.

What's your favorite BB cream?



Review: LUSH Ocean Salt Scrub

Since Summer is here you are probably trying to get a perfect tan the "safe" way. But before you can get the perfect shade of cocoa brown you first must shave and most importantly exfoliate! I've been using LUSH's ocean sea salt for face and body scrub for the last few months and I would like to share my thoughts on it. 

 So pretty! But the more you use it the more the color fades from a beautiful sea blue to a greenish color (But that's completely normal).

Like I said I've been using this for a few months now and this scrub is AMAZING! I heard so much hype on this product so I finally decided to give this a try and WOW this scrub not only feels great on the skin (Both face and body) but the results that it gives your skin after are fantastic!

- Smells like the ocean!
- Scrubs away dead skin cells.
- Leaves skin feeling soft and smooth.
- All the ingrediants are natural and handmade. So are all of LUSH's products (Just in case you never heard of them).

- Expensive! The smallest container has only 4.2 oz. and costs $20! You can probably make a scrub just like this at home for less then that.

I bought the smallest container but if you are interested in buying this I would recommend buying the bigger size because $20 for this is not worth it! Instead save some money and buy the bigger size, it's only $15 more and you get a little more then double then this size. Plus you will fall in love with this scrub so it's a good investment.

You can buy the ocean salt scrub here.