NOTD: New Year's Eve

 Happy New Year's Eve everybody! This is the first of three special New Year's themed posts that I will be posting today. This first one is on my New Year's manicure. I will be wearing these sliver and blue nails all night long until the clock strikes midnight!

I used a turquoise blue as the base for four nails and on the pinkie I used a sliver nail polish (Zoya's Trixie). Then I used Essie's Set in Stones to give a glittery top coat on my middle finger and thumb. Lastly I used a black nail polish and wrote out 2013 on my ring finger. To finish, I used Sally Hansen's Insta-dri top coat to seal my design and give my nails a glossy shine.

Happy New Year!


My Winter Hat Collection

So since the weather is getting colder a lot of you are probably buying lots of warm hats right? Well, not me! One advantage of being a crocheter/knitter is that you don't have to spend a lot of money on winter wear because you can easily make a simple hat or scarf with a skein or two of yarn. With that being said today I'm going to be show you guys my rather large collection of hats. One thing that you will notice is that most of my hats are knitted that's because my older sister has knitted me most of these hats. It's not that I haven't made any hats before it's just that when I do they are usually for someone else, so yeah. Anyways on to the hats!

My favorite types of hats are berets so I will start off with those first. I will tell you where I got the hats if their from a store if it doesn't say where it's from below then my sister made it.

My sister made a hat out of this color yarn and that same design but when I asked for it she said I couldn't have it so she made me the same hat instead. The only downside is that it looks kind of strange on my head.

This hat uses to different colored purple yarn but you can't tell in this picture. 

 Inspired by Twinkie Chan (This was before she released her book).

 One of my favorite hats made by my sister! I wished she made more hats like this because there my favorite! The hard part is trying to pick a outfit to match it.

One of the first hats my sister ever made for me. You can tell that her knitting skills have improved over the years. 

 Purple sequin beret from Forever 21.

This is my "Where the wild things are" hat. It's just missing the crown.

I want to cut out felt eyes and turn this one into a cookie monster hat.

My sister said its suppose to be a strawberry hat but it remind me more of a red chili pepper.

Another one of my favorite hats by my sister. This was one of my Christmas presents that she gave me last year. 

From Forever 21.

I made the pom pom on this one, it's HUGE! 

Hello Kitty hat from Hot Topic that I got years ago.

 This is my most recent hat purchase and it's from Forever 21's new Hello Kitty collection

Well that's all of my winter hats. I want to say thank you to my older sister (I know you are reading this) for always making me hats and keeping my head warm.

Do you guys knit or crochet your hats? Or does someone else you know make some for you? Or do you guys just buy them at stores?