My First Graze Box

I think of myself as a very healthy person (who occasionally eats ice cream here an there) so when I hear about new healthy treats I immediately have to try them out! Graze is a weekly subscription that offers 4 healthy snacks for $5 a week and mails them to you in a box. I remember hearing about Graze a long time ago but at the time they were only shipping to the UK but now they are mailing their boxes to the states!

When you sign up for Graze you get your first box for free so that you can try out some of the snacks. They are suppose to send you your box the following week after you order your box but I placed my order for my box on  01/31 but got my box on 02/13 which I was upset about. However, after emailing them they offered me another free box which made me super happy! Anyways I wanted to show you guys what snacks I got in my first Graze box and what I thought of them so you guys can get a better look at Graze and there service.

This is an overview of the snacks that I got in my first Graze box.

Nutrition facts and "best by" dates on all the snacks.

Light Lemon and Poppy Slice and Afternoon Infusion Tea
The first snack I tasted was the lemon poppy slice with a afternoon infusion tea. I was really surprise when I saw a tea bag in the box I didn't know you could get drink in these boxes too! The lemon cake was really good, very lemony and sweet but it was kind of oily and crumbly. The afternoon infusion tea tasted very bland so I added some milk and sugar which added a slight taste but nothing noticeable.

Bounty Hunter: Belgian milk chocolate, coconut and cranberries.
Most of the treats are kind of a mix of different ingredients, like trail mix. This first mix is called "bounty hunter" which consists of Belgian milk chocolate pieces, thick coconut and dried cranberries. I'm not a huge fan of chocolate but I found that the Belgian milk chocolate pieces tasted really good even for a non-chocoholic, like me. I loved the thick coconut slices and the cranberries had a fresh bold tasted which I enjoyed.

Cookies and Cream: Mini cookies, white chocolate, hazelnuts and sunflower seeds.
The cookies and cream was my favorite snack out of the whole box. I love sweet things and this treat had two very sweet ingredients that I was craving the moment I saw them, cookies bites and white chocolate! Aside from being sweet this mix was also very nutty thanks to the hazelnuts and sunflower seeds. My only complaint with this snack was that there was too many sunflower seeds!

Peking Dynasty: Peking cashews, baked soy bites and black beans.
When I first saw the "peking dynasty" I thought it would be the spicy snack but it wasn't it was actually savory. The soy bites and cashews tasted very similar. I didn't like the black beans because I found them very hard to eat.

Overall, I loved all the treats! I would totally recommend you guys Graze they have a yummy healthy snacks for a affordable price and a great customer service! If your box arrives late remember that they're still a new company here in the states so just email them and I bet they are happy to help you.

Have you tried graze before?



Review: The Body Shop Banana Shampoo & Conditioner

I'm a huge fan of fruit I like eating fruit and especially smelling fruit! So when I heard that The Body Shop had a shampoo and conditioner that smelled of bananas I kind of went BANANAS! Apparently, both of these products are remakes of an original banana line that was sold at The Body Shop a few years ago but they recently reformulated the product and started selling it again. I've heard many positive reviews on both of these products so I decided to pick both of them up to try. After testing out both the shampoo and conditioner for about a month there were a few things I liked but also some things that I didn't like.

Keep in mind if you do not like the smell of bananas then I wouldn't recommend either one of these products to you because these hair products are mainly popular because of the fresh banana scent.

Banana Shampoo

- Smells like bananas
- Affordable
- Makes my hair look shiney!

- Doesn't latter that much
- After using this I didn't feel like it cleaned my hair properly

Would I recommend this to someone? No. Aside from the banana smell there isn't anything special about this shampoo which is sad for me because I had really high hopes for this product.

You can buy the banana shampoo here.

Banana Conditioner

- Smells like bananas
- Moisturizes my hair
- Leaves my hair soft and shiney
- Affordable

- I need to use a lot of this product

Would I recommend this to someone? Yes. I didn't like the shampoo but I loved the conditioner! It moisturized my hair and made it feel really soft. However, I found myself quickly using a bunch of this product (and I don't have the longest of hair) for every dollop of shampoo that I used I had to double in conditioner. So if you had to get one of the two banana products I would totally recommend the conditioner.

You can buy the banana conditioner here.

Have you tried either one of the banana products from The Body Shop?