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Natsume San ♥ Flip Through

I haven't done a book review in a long time and just the other day I got Mito Natume's first book in the mail so it was decided then. If you are not familiar with Mito Natsume she is a Harajuku model that appears in many Harajuku Japanese magazines and also appears in Harajuku Kawaii TV quite frequently. Her book covers her favorite fashion items, makeup and hair tips, mini-tutorials, exclusive photos, lifestyle stories, and more! I included some of my favorite pages down below. Enjoy!

Book without cover
I was nervous about buying this book at first because I didn't know anything about it and there wasn't that much stuff about it online but I'm so happy I got it! I don't know how to read Japanese (not even a little) but the pictures are cute and inspiring. If you are looking for a cute book to skim through for inspiration and are into Harajuku fashion I would highly recommend this book!

If you are interested in buying this book I asked this seller on eBay to get me the book. They are happy to get you anything from Japan! The book arrived within 2 weeks.


  1. Ah I'm so glad I stumbled on this, I saw the front cover somewhere and was wondering about it's origins, I love cute Japanese books, I have a stack, can't read a word but they're always inspiring :)


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