Game of the Month: Animal Crossing New Leaf

I meant for this post to go up back in June when Animal Crossing: New Leaf came out but I never actually posted a post on the game so I'm finally going to post it today! I've been playing for 8 months, I did stop playing for a few months (August, September, December) but I started actively playing again a few weeks ago and I'm totally obsessed with it all over again! I've played every single Animal Crossing that has ever came out and by far this version is my favorite! If you haven't played ACNL then I would highly recommend you play it because it's such a cute game!

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How To Organize Your Life

One of my new years goals this year was to be organized so I decided to buy myself a cute planner to keep all of my scheduled events and stuff organized in one place. For this post I thought I would share some of my stationary that I will be using this year to keep myself organized.

My Planner
Here is where I will be writing down everything! Birthdays, social events, appointments, blog posts, etc. All of my life will basically be in here in my teal blue Molang diary.

My Blogging Notebook
This is where I plan to keep all of my blog post ideas in. If you are a blogger I highly recommend you keep a small notebook with you so that you can jot down all of the ideas that come to you.

Pens and Pencils
These are all of my writing utensils I will be using in my planner and notebook. I need cute things in my life so I made sure to get really cute pens and pencils!

Cute stickers
If you have ever looked at Korean planners on ebay they always show you some examples of how you can decorate your planner to make it look cute and colorful. I'm a sucker for cute stuff so of course I bought a dozen stickers! If you guys want me to make a post on how I decorate my planner let me know.

Do you keep a planner to keep all your stuff organized?



Trader Joe's Haul

 Yesterday we randomly stumbled across a Trader Joe's which surprised me because I didn't know that they had them here where I live. I bought a few interesting things so I thought I would share them with you guys. Let me know if you guys would like to see more of these random food posts because I really like making them!

 I picked up some soy mozzarella and Tofurky slices to make some sandwiches. I've only tried soy cheese once before and hated the taste but hopefully these taste different.

I bought some Organic Sweetened Condensed Milk to make some yummy drinks with. Not gonna lie the bottle of this kind of sucked me into buying it (I have a thing for cows).

 Frozen strawberries for smoothies.

 These two items are the two that I'm most excited to try. I have trouble sleeping so hopefully this Well Rested Herbal Tea will make me sleepy at night. I also finally got my hands on some Cookie Butter! I heard of cookie butter but they only sell it at Trader Joe's so I thought I could never try it...until now!

Another thing I am pretty excited to try are these Mochi Ice Cream things. I am a fan of mochi, ice cream, and green tea so I'm excited to taste these.

What are your favorite things to get at Trader Joe's?



New Year's Resolutions + NOTD

Happy New Year! This is my first blog post for 2014 (I can't believe it's already 2014)! Today I have a 2-in-1 post for you it's a notd and I also share my New Years resolutions for 2014.

 Work out at least 5 times a week
2013 wasn't my best year for working out and living healthier. Last January I got injured and couldn't even leave my bed for a month, this gave my working out lifestyle a bad start to the year and basically jinxed my healthy resolution for 2013. This year I am determined to start living the healthy lifestyle that I deserve!

Write down my dreams in a dream journal
I started a dream journal back in September and would write down every single dream in a notebook. Somehow I lost track of all the dreams I was having and stop writing in it. For 2014 I want to start writing in it again so I can look up my past dreams.

Stay organized
I've always been a neat and tidy person but I really want to stay even more organized this year. I first want to start by cleaning out my room and closet!

As for blogging resolutions, I want to get a SLR camera, write at least 5 blog posts a week, and share more personal blog posts.

These were my nails I wore on New Years Eve they were obviously inspired by 2014 and the color of 2014, which I believe is purple but correct me if I'm wrong.

What are some of your New Years resolutions for 2014?