Review ♥ My Beauty Diary Black Pearl Sheet Mask

Today I have a review for you guys. My Beauty Diary are some of the best masks in my opinion. I enjoy using their masks when I really want to give my skin an extra treatment. I've used various sheet masks from My Beauty Diary but this one has to be my absolute favorite! Keep reading to find out why!

The box contains 10 sheet masks (as you can tell I've used up a few)
What does it do?
"Ultimate whitening the ultimate whitening complex essence is extracted from shimmering black pearls which contain beautification ingredient. Revitalizes and hydrates. For normal skin, recommend for lackluster and dull skin."

- Brightening
- Moisturizing
- Affordable
- Nourishing


My Experience:
I've tried many different types of sheet masks from My Beauty Diary but this one by far is my favorite! I leave this sheet mask on for 15-20 minutes and then pat in the leftover residue into my skin. I then follow up with my regular skincare routine.

Would I recommend this product?
Yes! I love this sheet mask even more then the strawberry one I reviewed here.

You can buy the My Beauty Diary Black Pearl Sheet Masks here

What's your favorite sheet mask brand?


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