Book Review ♥ Rookie Yearbook Three

Rookie is a online magazine devoted to younger teenage girls founded by Tavi Gevinson. Every year they come out with yearbooks so this year I decided to get their latest "issue" because I've always been intrigued by these rookie yearbooks. The yearbook itself features a variety of articles (some that contain personalized playlists), interviews, advice, DIYs, and more written by various voices including some celebrities like Lorde, Sia, Dakota and Elle Fanning and more. My favorite part of this book is that it involves pictures of real girls of all sizes and colors being real teenage girls. 

Below I posted a few of my favorite pages/articles from Rookie Yearbook Three. I definitely recommend you guys to check this book out it contains a lot of content and inspiration! If you have a younger daughter who's in middle or high school then I think one of these books would be a wonderful gift like of Christmas or something. Oh and did I mention the book comes with stickers and lots of other fun extras! Who doesn't love stickers?

You can pick up a copy of Rookie Yearbook here

Have you read any of the past Rookie Yearbooks? 


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