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Chunky Slouchy Hat ♥ Knitting Pattern

This is a super simple knitted hat that can be made in under a day. 'Tis a great last-minute gift for that person you didn't know would be showing up to the holiday get together... Get your stuff, put on two good movies, and knit away!

Size US 15 16-inch circular needles
1 ball of Lion Brand Thick n Quick, or any other super bulky yarn (Issac Mizrahi yarn would be perfect for this)
Darning/sewing needle
Pom-pom maker (optional)

CO 40 sts and begin working in the round, without twisting stitches, place marker.
Work 1x1 ribbing (k1, p1) for each round until it reaches about 1 1/2 inches.
Then work in stockinette (all knit stitches, every row) until your piece reaches 7-8 inches or desired length.
When you are ready to close that top up, work the decreases.

Row 1: *k2, k2tog, repeat from * for this entire row (until it reaches the marker).
Row 2: knit all stitches
Row 3: *k1, k2tog, repeat from*
Row 4: k2tog for the whole row
Row 5: k2tog for the whole row

Cut a long length of yarn and thread through the remaining stitches.

Make a giant pompom using a spiffy pom-pom maker, like the one I borrowed from my sis. OR do the cheapo way that I usually do: wrap yarn around your hand, tie with a long strand and carefully cut.

Attach pom-pom securely on the hat. I thread the yarn a few times until it's no longer too loose. 

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