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I ordered from Candysan earlier this month. I found that Candysan offers a variety of Japanese food and they also don't overcharge like most Japanese candy websites. I placed my order on January 3 and they shipped my order on January 5. I just received my package yesterday (January 26) it took a total of 3 weeks for it to arrive. 

You guys are probably already aware that I love international snacks (check out my past British and Korean hauls). I originally wanted to order some individually wrapped candy to send off with my Etsy orders, because who doesn't like extras? Speaking of extras they also included a few extras which I forgot to take pictures of.

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Meltykiss is chocolate covered squares with strawberry filling inside. Each chocolate comes in a cute pink wrapper.

I believe these are called Take No Ko No Sato? They are swirl shaped domes with a cookie at the bottom and white and strawberry chocolate on the top. I thought these would be small but they're pretty giant, about the size of my thumb!

I also got this Milky chocolate candy bar mainly because of the adorable packaging! It's even cuter in person because it has holographic design all over the box. There are 12 chocolate pieces with milky cream inside.

I also got these winter edition Milky candies which come in three flavors, grape, milk tea and caramel (i think?). The wrappers are really cute they have flowers all over! These candies have a chewy taffy consistency on the outside but in the center they are hard. I've tasted all of them so far and the milk tea flavor is by far my favorite!

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