Korean Beauty Haul ♥ Etude House

I have these phases where I get obsessed with Korean skincare and/or makeup, and right now it's makeup. In the beginning of the month I ordered a bunch on Korean cosmetics from various sellers and just recently I received all of my items that I ordered. Surprisingly they're all from Etude House, which wasn't intentional it just happened that way. Anyways, today I'm sharing another Korean beauty haul with you guys.

Etude House Zero Sebum Drying Powder
Etude House recently released a new zero sebum line that is suppose to reduce the amount of oil on you face. I wanted to try their drying powder (which is similar to the Innisfree) because I tend to be a walking grease ball during spring and summer. Hopefully this works!

Etude House Dear Girls Cute Eyes Maker
I've been wanting to try this product for years and finally I decided to but it! The cute eyes maker is great if you want to achieve the aegyo-sal under eyes.

Etude House Give Me Chocolate Salted Caramel Eye Shadow
The Give Me Chocolate eye shadows also came out recently. I remember Etude House came out with a pastry line a few years ago and I always regreted not buying anything from the line. So I decided to

Etude House Drawing Show Brush Liner
I was in need of a new black eyeliner so I checked to see what eyeliner brushes they had and ended up buying this one. The box the liner came in is really cute!

Etude House Proof 10 Auto Pencil in Brown
In the warmer month's I like using brown eyeliner because it softens the eye's. I bought this one because it's waterproof. I've only used this liner a few times and so far it's not working too well.

Etude House Bling Bling Eye Stick in Ivory Baby Star
I forgot why I bought this eye shadow stick but I love how sparkly it is! It's a light bronze color but certainly not ivory (like the name) with lots of shimmer. I've used this all over my eyelid and it creased a lot (but I wasn't wearing eye primer on the day I used it) but I will keep on using it and let you know in a review.

What is your favorite Etude House product?

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Spring Beauty Essentials ♥ Spring Seven

When I think of Spring I think of pastel nail colors, flirty floral fruity scents and rose themed everything! Today I'm sharing seven of my favorite beauty essentials for Springtime that I've been using non-stop so far this season.

Batiste Dry Shampoo in Blush
Whenever I have some oily greasy hair I spritz some of this on my roots and anywhere else that needs to be tamed from sebum. I also like the amount of volume it gives my hair. Not to mention this smells like flowers!

Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser
The weather is finally starting to warm up here so that means one thing for me, sweat. I sweat really easily so I need a primer to keep my makeup intact during this season. I love how this is a translucent matte gel that doesn't make me look pale like other primers I've used.

L'Oreal Paris Visible Lift CC Eye Corrector 
Spring is the season when I become sleep deprived, this leads to dark puffy eye circles. Since I don't want to look like a zombie I use this roll-on eye corrector that conceals my eye bags and makes me look wide-awake.

Tony Moly Perfume Bar in Koko Floral
Where have perfumes bar been my whole life? This is the perfect mix of floral and fruity. I lightly dab some of this on my neck, wrists and any other places that need to smell fresh. The scent reminds me of Spring and the cute bunny packaging screams Easter!

Etude House Drawing Eye Brow Pencil in Grey Brown
When I first swatched this on my hand I was extremely disappointed with the pigmentation of the pencil because I saw little to no color. However, after testing out on my brows I was shocked! This pencil tames and makes my eyebrows look flawless!

Mario Badescu Skincare Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater
I love using facial mists to refresh my face during the hot humid days. I spritz this 2-3 times a few inches away from my skin for a cool sensation.

Essie Nail Polish in Blossom Dandy
This has been my go-to nail polish for spring lately. I love robin egg blue polishes, this one has hints of mint green blended in the polish perfect for spring!

What are your favorite beauty Spring essentials?

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Sweet Kawaii Design ♥ Etsy Review

Lately I've been obsessed with planner supplies, especially stickers! I ordered a couple of stickers from Sweet Kawaii Design not too long ago and I finally received them in the mail yesterday! I ordered quite the amount of stickers for this being my first time purchasing from Sweet Kawaii Design. But I couldn't help myself! They was so many cute stickers that I couldn't choose! Finally I narrowed it down to eight different types of sticker. I wanted to share the kawaiiness of these stickers so I will be reviewing the shop for you all today.

Everything came in an adorable pastel pink envelope. Inside all the stickers were nicely package. My package took a whole week to arrive. I placed my order on Saturday March 14, my order was shipped March 16 and I received my items on March 23.

Tesia (the lady who runs Sweet Kawaii Design) also offers a bunch of coupon codes for her customers. You can get 10% off your order of $10 or more with the code: LetsBeFriends and free shipping on orders $30 or more with the code: FREESHIP30.

All these stickers came on one sheet (besides the "drink it up!" which came with 2 sheets). I ordered the makeup clean brushes, pink bandaide, and the kawaii girl latte stickers.

When I saw the set of crochet stickers I had to get them since I'm a fellow crocheter. I also got a set of multi-color bubble tea stickers. I couldn't pass up the adorable coffee shop stickers that features four different types of coffees and a cute little muffin. I also bought the instagram stickers because I loved the colors on the stickers.

What are your favorite small businesses that sell stickers or other stationary?

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Iced Matcha Green Tea Latte ♥ Recipe

Green tea flavored things are one of my favorite flavors to choose from. I'm open to eat anything that's green tea or matcha (the Japanese word for green tea) flavored. Last year I picked up this matcha green tea latte powder from Trader Joe's and now every time I shop at Trader Joe's I can't leave without buying one containers (sometimes more). I use to this powder to make my absolute favorite iced green tea lattes. I'm obsessed with this drink! It's kind of comparable to Starbucks green tea latte but this one is a tad bit sweeter then theirs. Today I'm sharing my recipe on how to create this delicious concoction.

This is the star of this recipe! You can find this mix at Trader Joe's for $4. Any green tea or matcha powder/mix that you can find will also work.

You will need:
- Trader Joe's Matcha Green Tea Latte Mix (you can use plain matcha powder if you want)
- You choice of sweetener (I used Truvia)
- You choice of milk (I used Almond Milk)
- Water
- Ice

First you will need to make your matcha green tea latte. To do this heat up 6 ounces of water (I heat it up in the microwave for 2 minutes). Make sure the water is hot enough for the powder to fully dissolve in. Add 3 tablespoons of the matcha green tea latte mix into the water and stir. Also add in sweetener at this time. I use 2 packets of Truvia but you can add as much sweetener as you want, stir.

* If you are using a matcha powder add in extra sweetener because regular matcha can be really bitter.

Pour your green tea latte over ice. Fill the rest of your cup with milk until it reaches the brim of the cup. Mix and your iced matcha green tea latte is done!

What is your favorite Spring drink?

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8 Reasons Why You Are Breaking Out ♥ Skincare Tips

I started learning about skincare at a young age. My older sister had serve acne when she was in high school and I was always terrified that I would get that gene. I remember growing up fearing the sight of any blemish that would appear on my face. I used my mom's foundation compact to cover any spots and even made my own "cleansing pads" out of tissues and lotion. Finally my mother gave me a set of cleansing pads for me to "wash" my face with. I eventually got a moisturizer and started to build up my skincare regime from there. Thankfully I never got acne! I was actually blessed with baby butt smooth skin. However to this day I'm still horrified of pimples and acne.

Over the years I learned a lot about how to prevent blemishes from appearing on the face and today I'm sharing my top 8 tips on how you can prevent spots, blemishes, pimples and even acne from spreading onto your face.

1. Wash Your Pillows
It's really important to constantly wash your pillow cases every couple of weeks. Grease from your hair, drool, residue from your skincare products and a whole lot more contribute to bacteria that can be hidden on your pillow. This can lead to excessive amount of breakouts. So make sure to clean your pillows as much as possible.

2. Wrong Skincare Products
You could be using the wrong skincare products for your skin type. We all have different skin types so what might work for your friend might not work for you. If you are using a new product and you notice the next day that it made your skin worse STOP USING IT RIGHT AWAY! However, if you are not sure if a new product is making you breakout use it for a few weeks and if you still see pimples around the same area then you should probably stop.

3. Stress
Too much stress can cause your skin to breakout. Maybe you are having a hard day/week? So try to take time out of your day to release stress, whether it's lighting your favorite candle, drinking a warm cup of herbal tea, a green mask, snuggle up in your favorite cozy blanket, read a good book or try yoga. Just chill out and you should start seeing less spots.

4. Hormones
Whether you are a young teenager or maybe you are experiencing your "time of the month". Either way hormones can contribute a significant amount of pimples on your skin. Best way to get rid of them? Calm down and relax or wait until your "special friend" leaves.

5. Not Enough Water
Not drinking enough water can cause breakouts from appearing on your face. Water flushes away bad toxins and pollutes out of out bodies. So make sure you drink the H2O that is recommend for you every single day!

6. Fatty Foods
Munching on too much junk food can lead to pimples, acne and other breakouts. Sugar, oily foods and other bad chemicals found in these snacks are really bad for you and even worse for your skin! Instead of these treats try eating something healthier like an apple, carrots and hummus or a smoothie filled with nutritious fruits and vegetables.

7. Wash Your Makeup Brushes
Every time you use your makeup brushes to apply on your foundation, concealer, powders and whatever else you put on your face. Bacteria builds up in the bristles so it's really important to wash your brushes at least once week. If you really want to fight against breakouts try cleansing your brushes every night before you go to bed with a cleansing oil (extra virgin olive oil works well too!).

8. Let Your Skin Breathe
Wearing makeup makes your face look nice and all but in order to achieve that flawless skin you must let your skin air out. Try to wear less makeup and let your face fully breathe out all the bad toxins cause by the makeup you wear on a day to day basis (use natural products to prevent bad toxins from forming onto your skin).

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6 Tips for Daily Planning ♥ Planner Tips

I've been into planners and organizers my whole life! I've owned a planner almost year ever since High School. Even though I could probably use my phone now to keep everything planned out I just love the feeling of having a physical book laid out in front of me. Since I've owned a planner for a long period of time I thought I would share some tips on how to make the most out of your planning book.

1. Keep It Colorful
I don't know about you guys but I love bright fun colors! So I try to use as much colors in my planner as possible. I write in colorful pens, draw cute doodles and even place cute rainbow colored stickers all over!

2. Color Code
Similar to the first tip, I plan out my events based on each color. For example, pink-beauty blue-fitness orange-lifestyle (btw this is my blogging planner). If there is an important date or something I need to remember I highlight it.

3. Plan Out During The Weekend
I think it's important to take one day out of the week to plan out everything for the week. For me, Sunday is the most convenient day for me to organize my future blog posts, workouts and anything else I need to accomplish that week. If you are bored one day and don't have much to do I would recommend you to fill out your planner.

4. Keep Cute Stationary and Stickers
I am huge sticker fan! I love collecting a bunch of cute fun stickers because they keep my planner much more entertaining! My favorite stickers are the ones with the transparent backgrounds.

5. Check and Update Constantly
Personally I think this is why people don't keep up with their planners and why your planner is probably sitting over there covered in dust. In order to improve at something you have to keep up with it! So try to check and update your planner as much as possible!

6. Add Tasks In The Morning
In the morning when you wake up, check your planner and jot down as many tasks that you want to accomplish that day. Like maybe you need to do laundry, go on a grocery trip or you have surprise event came up last minute. Basically make a "to do list" whenever you feel like you don't have enough assignments in your day.

Do you own a planner?

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