5 Ways to Use A Neutral Palette ♥ Beauty Tips

We all have one, a neutral eye shadow palette. But you probably don't use every single shade in the palette (maybe you do, but I certainly don't!). There are tons of ways to use your everyday eye shadow palette differently but I'm going to be sharing my favorite ways that I've personally tried.

1. Fill In Your Eyebrows
If you take a taupe brown/medium brown color you can use it to fill in your eyebrows. Just grab a angled brush and brush against your eyebrows. Use a eyebrow comb and wand to groom the shadow in your brows.

2. Highlight
Use light sparkly shadows to highlight certain parts of your face. Such as your brow bone, cheeks, cupids arrow, anywhere that need an instant glow!

3.  Nude Lip Color
You can have fun with a clear lip gloss and create a nude lip shade. Grab a eye shadow brush and pat on a lot of shadow then carefully apply the color all over your lips. Seal with a clear gloss to make the color stay on longer.

4. Contour
Using various makeup brushes you can contour your cheeks, nose, temples, basically any part of your face that you want to frame your face. Make sure you follow up with some highlights for a radiant glow.

5. Eyeliner 
This is one of my favorite ways to use my eye shadow palettes, eyeliner! You a slim pencil-like tapered brushes to apply the "eyeliner" on your upper and lower lashes. Make sure you use a eye primer to make your eyeliner last longer.

What is your favorite eye shadow palette?

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