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3 Amazing Greens Nail Polishes

Lately I've been obsessed with green colored nail polishes. It all started back when I saw Lim Kim's music video "Awoo". She worn a bright neon green (slight teal) nail polish in the video and I had to find an exact copy! I went through three polishes until I found the perfect match but I think I found it and I'm going to share it with you all in case you're interested in getting that nail polish.

OPI You Are So Outta Lime
The first polish I decide to buy to see if it matched Lim Kim's nail polish was this OPI polish. I thought it would match perfectly but when I applied it on my nails it wasn't as neon as I thought it would be. In fact, I wouldn't call this a neon at all! It's more of a grassy green color and it's sheer too! You need two coats maybe even three!

Color Club Twiggie
The second polish I tried was "Twiggie" from Color Club. If you search this color online there are many different versions but I bought it thinking it would be a bright light green cream polish that I saw first. However, it's not as bright as it looks like some of the swatches you see online. It's pretty similar to the OPI nail polish but the formula is a bit different.

China Glaze Treble Maker
This was the closest shade I could find that matched Kim Ye Rim's nail color in the video. At first I thought it would be too green but I think its a perfect copy! This is from the new China Glaze Electric Light's collection that just came out so I really do believe it could be the exact nail polish Lim Kim wore because usually, artists wear new clothes and accessories in their music videos to promote those items. After two other tries, I finally found the polish I was looking for! I'm so happy!

What's your favorite green nail polish?


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