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I've been really into activewear lately, to workout and just to lounge in! Sportswear is just so comfy and stretchy, I feel like I can live in this clothing! The past couple of weeks I've been collecting a few pieces and now I have a full drawer full of nothing but sports bras, leggings, tanks, etc. Today I am sharing a few of my favorite activewear pieces with you all for Forever 21, Victoria's Secret and Fabletics.

I was immediately drawn to this sports bra because of the lovely peach color and of the straps. The front has these two straps that peeks out, which looks cute under some of your tops. The back has a fun crisscross strap pattern. It fits true to size and the coverage is pretty good.

This bright mint sports bra caught my eyes because of the gorgeous color and because it's designed for yoga. I recommend you sizing up if you plan on buying this bra. The front part is also very strange. It's not sewn in the middle so the fabric tends to slide everywhere when you try to put it on. But once you get it on it looks really cute!

The cheapest bra of the bunch ($7). The coverage is light but it's true to size and comes in various colors.

Similar to the first sports bra this also has front straps (I think this may be a new trend) but these come up higher then the coral one. There is also a hole in the middle, which I don't really like (I have a fuller chest area and I find this uncomfortable). I bought this in a size medium, which is my regular size. However, I would you recommend you guys to size up because I sometimes struggle taking this off.

So, I bought these coral color block leggings to match the sports bra. They look fabulous together on! My only problem is that they are long (I'm 5'2 and they go way past my ankles). The fit is a tad bit snug for me but I don't think you should size up, if you are at the F21 store try them before you buy them.

Forever 21 tank tops are amazing! This is my second one and I love how comfy they are! The material is very breathable and fit nicely.

I got these two tank tops from Victoria's Secret during their semi-annual sale. The colors are bright and the sayings are cute! Yes, I'm a vegetarian and I'm wearing a bacon tank top, don't judge me! I bought it because I love blue and gray together!

Where do you buy your activewear from?

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  1. I love activewear too, I got all of my stuff from wiggle.com.au.

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