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Popteen June 2015 ♥ Flip Through

I haven't bought a Japanese fashion magazine in a while so I decided to pick up Popteen's 2015 June issue because the cover looks really adorable! I don't usually buy Popteen magazines that often even though I love their style! Japanese magazines, in general, have soooo many outfit ideas on how you can plan your outfit, plus their layouts are insanely cute! Today I wanted to share a few of my favorite pages from this issue.

This issue came with an incredibly cute bear couple pouch by Spinns! So cute!

Can we talk about hair goals?! If anybody knows the name of the model on the right please let me know! She's my new girl crush!

There is even a Sailor Moon 4-page spread! I don't what's it about....possibly exercising? If you read Japanese, let me know.

My boys, Vixx, Block B and U-Kiss are even in this issue!

Are you a fan of Popteen magazine?


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