Etude House Tear Drop Liner ♥ Beauty Review

Another day another Korean beauty review (I promise this is the last one this month). I have pretty big eyes to begin with but I think huge bug-like eyes are gorgeous! The past couple of months I've purchased a few Korean cosmetics to help promote the aegyo sal look. A lot of  ulzzangs define their aegyo sal with glittery/shimmery makeup products to widen their eyes and make then look gigantic. I've been using the Etude House Tear Drop Liner to help open up my eyes the past few weeks. Here is my honest review on this liner.

Product description:
"This liquid liner contains superfine glitters in a clear base to give eyes a sparkling and dazzling effect."

- Glittery
- Shimmery
- Long lasting
- Make you eyes look bigger
- Easy application

- Not waterproof 
- Smudges

My experience:
Whenever I want my eyes too look big I paint this beautiful glitter liquid liner from Etude House on my under eyes for a aegyo sal look. The brush of the liner is thin and slides on easily, making application effortless. The only down side is that since this liquid liner isn't waterproof it tends to smudge. My eye's water easily so this liner did come off of me often.

Would I recommend this product?
Yes! I plan on buying more of the colors soon!

You can purchase the Etude House Tear Eye Liner here

Have you tried this product before?

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