How To Surive A Road Trip ♥ Summer Tips

Going on long road trips can be fun and exciting but after about 8+ hours you may start to get bored (or annoyed). That's why I came up with a summer road trip guide to keep you entertained until you reach your destination.

This is obviously one of the best ways to kick out travel boredom. I suggest creating a playlist packed with your favorite summer songs and singing them in the car (as long as you don't bother any other travelers).

Get Off + Explore
I use to never get off the car when I was younger and as a result I would get really bad stomach aches. So get out your car at rest stops and stretch!

Another no brainier! Bringing reading material such as a book you've been wanting to read or beauty/fashion magazine are effortless ways to distract you from the long drive.

For me, sleeping is the quickest way to pass time when traveling. Driving really soothes me to sleep so I take short naps throughout the trip and before you know it you've reached target!

If you love playing games but don't want to use up all your phone battery invest in a portable gaming device, such as a Nintendo 3DS. If you ready own a Nintendo 3DS I recommend buying a new game or restarting an old favorite.

Here are some games I recommend for a long trip. Role-playing action games such as Bravely Default, Pokemon, Kirby and Legend of Zelda are great to play because they have a story line and it keeps you engaged the whole time. Simulation games are also cute to play on the road! My favorites are Animal Crossing, Fantasy Life and Tomodachi Life.

What are some of your road trip tips?

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