Mexico Adventures ♥ Week One

By the time you guys are reading this I will be on the way back to the USA. I sent 2 weeks in Mexico and took tons of pictures on iPhone. I shared some of these photos on my 365 challenge but I still had a lot of pictures left  so I thought I would make vacation posts featuring these pictures. ***Warning: There is a lot of food in this post! So don't read on an empty stomach!***

I found Baymax macaroni and cheese!

I wanted to try an exclusive Starbucks drink from Mexico and this was the featured drink at the moment. It's a yogurt berry frappuccino. The whip cream tastes like cream cheese!

This is my dad's aunt dog, his name is Bon Bon.

I found Hello Kitty cupcakes at a super market. So cute! I should've bought one!

Crepes and frappes with my cousin and younger sister. This is the first of many!

Street paintings. Beautiful!

At the center of Morelia there is a gorgeous cathedral. My parents actually got married there. 

A tree outside of the cathedral. Pretty!

How adorable are these Hello Kiity panty liners I found at a Mexican market! It comes with a panty liner dispenser too!

More crepes! The lady drew a cute little girl on mine!

On one of the days we went to this huge mall. The next couple of pictures are from this shopping center. They had a bunch of art sculptures around, including these dogs.

I wanted to go to this bowling/bar for my birthday but things didn't go as planned... It looked really cute!

Is he holding a cake or a hamburger?

I also discovered that same mall had a cute crochet shop! I regret not buying some lilac colored yarn.

A nice view of Morelia,Mexico. 

A fountain outside of the humongous shopping center.

Isn't my traveling supplies so kawaii! Yes, I'm 22 years old!

Crepes to-go and a iced vanilla cappuccino from Lilian's Coffee. Delicious!

Creepy carousels at night at a closing mall.

My younger sibling holding one of my cousin's dog.

Have you gone on summer vacation yet? Where did you go/are going?

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