Mexico Adventures ♥ Week Two

Here is week two of my two in a half vacation in Mexico. If you guys want to see a haul of things I bought while in Mexico let me know. Get ready to see lots of food pictures!

On Tuesday it was my birthday, so I went out with my cousin and younger sister to the giant mall we went last time (the one with the crochet shop). We shopped and ate coffee and crepes (as usually).

When we got home that night my birthday cake was waiting for me. It was a chocolate and vanilla marble tres leches cake.

The next time we went to another shopping area. I saw this cute cakes at a shop. They look delicious!

More cakes!

I bought this cookie from the cake store.

We got Starbucks one day and there venti cups are way smaller then the American ones! There "venti" is only 500 ml.

My grandma found my old baby blanket. I had so many memories with this blanket.

On one of the days we went to a very popular shopping plaza to buy gifts. I fell in love with this painting. I like how it's dark but can also symbolize romance.

These are Mexican gazpachos (not the soup version)! They are basically a variety of fruits (mango, pineapple, cucumber, watermelon, etc) in a cup mixed in with orange and lime juice and topped with cheese and spices. Sounds kind of gross (i actually just eat the fruit version) but they are incredibly popular in Morelia! There were so many people in line at this particular gazpacho stand. There were other vendors around the same area but this shop was by far the most popular.

I found macarons in Mexico!

Iced cappuccino decorated with a white chocolate and strawberry.

We went to El Mercado De Dulces (the candy market) on one of our last days to pick up souvenirs. There was so much candy!

These are candy that are thin sheets (like paper but thicker) that taste like nothing but they've been my favorite since I was little. I can't leave Mexico without a pack! They use to just sell them in circles but now they sell them in the shapes of cartoon characters!

The Mexican version of Choco Pies.

We visited a dog store on one of our last days. Look at these puppies!

So incredibly cute!

My sister holding the tiniest Yorkie I've ever seen! Sorry for the blurriness, he kept on moving!

My mother bought these cute mice shaped bread for my sister and I. They even had tails!

I found this adorable milk carton with a cute little cow so I had to buy it! It's suppose to taste like strawberry ice cream.

On our last night we got frappes. I drank a Oreo frappe, it wasn't that tasty...

My only picture of the famous Morelia, Mexico arches.

Look at all the colorful sushi rice!

My first picture in America! What a lovely sunset!

Going over a bridge in Mississippi. Finally going home!

Well that is all of my vacation photos! I hope you enjoyed my summer/vacation series!
What did you do this summer?

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