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Today I have a very informative post about sun protection. Since its summer the sun rays tend to be stronger (even on cloudy or rainy days). I will be discussing the differences between UVA and UVB, sunblock and sunscreen, and SPF and what number you should be using. Disclaimer: I am not a dermatologist (nor play one on tv). I am just a massive skincare junkie and like to share my skincare knowledge with people.

What is SPF?
So let's start with the basics, SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor and actually refers to the amount of time you will be out in the sun without getting burned. For example, if you put on a SPF 40 that means that you can stay out in the sun 40 times longer then you would without sun protection. So you would think a higher SPF would be best but most dermatologist recommend a SPF with 15-30.

Sunblock vs Sunscreen
 Sunscreen protects against UVA rays (protects against aging) and tends to have organic ingredients. Sunblock protects from UVB rays (protects against burning) and is heavier/thicker them sunscreen. Look for a broad-spectrum protection formulated product to protect your skin from both premature aging and burning. Apply sunscreen or sunblock 30 minutes prior to sun exposure to fully protect your skin.

Do you burn/tan easily during summer?

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