Scribble Prints Co + Angel Shoppe ♥ Sticker Haul

Scribble Prints Co and Angel Shoppe Sticker Haul
Today, I have not one but two shop reviews! Since I don't always order a bulk of stationary supplies in every order I thought I would combine a few smaller orders into a 2-in-1 mini review post. I will be reviewing a very popular sticker shop called Scribble Prints Co. I also bought a cute clip from The Angel Shoppe that I had to share!

Scribble Prints Co Sticker Haul
When I first started buying Etsy stickers all I ever heard about was Scribble Prints Co! A lot of people love Scribble Prints, because they have cute and colorful stickers. Her stickers are especially designed to fit the Erin Condren planner perfectly. I finally placed my first order with Scribble Prints and ordered the pink lemonade stickers that I've had my eye's since I first saw them! I did have a problem when I received my order in the mail. My stickers came bent (you can kind of tell from the pictures). Thankfully, they're not too bent. You would think a popular shop like this would at least use better mailers.

Anyways, I bought both of the pink lemonade sticker sheets. The one on the left has 8 box squares with a pink lemonade color palette, this sheet is glossy. The stickers on the right are all washi strips with the same pink lemonade designs, these are all on matte sticker paper. I don't understand why they put one sheet of stickers on glossy paper and the other on matte. Personally, I prefer matte sticker paper because it's easier to take off (in case of mistakes) and it just feels better.

Looking back on it now I probably didn't need these stickers. I mean, I bought these thinking I would make a summer lemonade spread but autumn is here and I really don't have any use for them until next year. Just another impulse buy.

Scribble Prints Co Sticker Haul
This is the freebie that they sent. It's really cute and has a autumn theme and an adorable pug!

Angel Shoppe Haul
Angel Shoppe
The Angel Shoppe is a cute stationary shop located in Canada. Angel Shoppe is mainly known for their planner paper clips, even though their stickers are also insanely cute! My order took exactly one week for my order to arrive. It also came packaged cute in a card with washi tape securely holding the clip in place.

I bought the pink glitter cow clip, which was only up on the shop for a few days. The cow is made from good quality card stock and the paper clip feels sturdy. Overall, I'm really happy with my purchase and would purchase from this shop again.

Scribble Prints Co and Angel Shoppe Sticker Haul
What are some of your favorite places to buy stationary supplies?

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Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer Blazer Coffee Cozy ♥ Crochet Pattern

Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer Blazer Coffee Cozy
In honor of today's release of the new Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer game. I wanted to make a special Animal Crossing themed DIY. The original project I had planned didn't turn out the way I wanted to so I scraped the idea. I couldn't come up with another idea so I used the PSL sweater coffee cozy pattern to create the famous red blazer you get to wear in the game. I did make some slight changes to the pattern but nothing too dramatic.

In Animal Crossing Happy Home Design you work for Nook as part of Nook's Home. You work alongside Lyle, Digby and Lottie, the newest addition to the Animal Crossing family! In the game, you are a interior decorator who decorates Animal Crossing villagers homes. I drew inspiration from the red blazer that you wear in the game (you must where this blazer at all working hours). I think this is a really cute crochet project that you can make for yourself (or a friend) and give them as a gift.

Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer Blazer Coffee Cozy
You will need:
- Red yarn (I used Red Heart Super Saver)
- White yarn
- Yellow yarn
- H/5.00 mm size crochet hook
- Yarn needle
- Scissors
- Mini white buttons (optional)

Dc - double crochet
Sc - single crochet
Cc - color change
ch(s) - chain(es)
st(s) - stitch(es)

Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer Blazer Coffee Cozy
Sweater Cozy:
Ch 13 sts, dc 12 sts. Total = 12 sts
{Ch 1, turn, dc 12 sts. Total = 12 sts } repeat 18x times total
Cut off leaving a long tail to sew

To create the blazer collar. You are going to want to fold the top part of your cozy into a slant. Slant at each end, making the sure the middle is a slight line (like in the PSL cozy pattern) and carefully sew into place. You may use pins to keep your piece from moving.

Now, sew the sides together with needle. Form a tube shape (this is where your coffee cup will go through) and sew close.

Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer Blazer Coffee Cozy
Sleeves: (Make 2)
Ch 6, sl st to first st to create a loop.
{Sc 6 sts. Total = 6 sts} repeat 9 times
Cc to white yarn and sc 6 sts.
Cut off leaving a long tail for sewing

To assemble the sleeves weave the long string of yarn all the way to the top where you began (the rounded part). Sew one sleeve onto the part of the sweater directly one stitch under the sweater collar. Make sure no stitches are visible. Repeat on the other side with second sleeve.

Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer Blazer Coffee Cozy
I used a strand of yellow yarn to make a cute bow. I simply inserted my crochet hook in the cozy (in between where the two collars meet) and weaved through the yarn. I then made a double knotted bow, you can make a tie if you prefer.

The blazer that the characters wear in the game has a total of seven buttons, three in the middle and two on each sleeve. I didn't have any tiny white buttons so I just used white yarn and weaved them through. If you have mini white buttons feel free to use those.


Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer Blazer Coffee Cozy
Are you a fan of Animal Crossing?

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Stationary Haul ♥ Michael's + Aloha Prints Co

I mentioned in a post a while back that I regretted not buying "chocolate frosting" stickers from Michael's, well guess what? I went back and bought them! I also bought some another stationary supplies from Michael's so of course I had to make another stationary post. I also included a few items I bought from Aloha Prints Co because I didn't know where else to include it.

Along with the chocolate frosting stickers I also found these cute sock money stickers and I had to buy them! I have a slight obsession with sock monkeys so I couldn't leave without them!

Right when I was about to check out I passed by the dollar section of Michael's and completely got fooled into getting this adorable notebook. I love the design of the notebook, it looks like a pastry board that you would see at a Parisian cafe. Plus, it was only a dollar so I couldn't say no!

I originally went to Michael's to purchase a correction tape. Before I bought this I use to used double sided tape to glue everything together. I got annoyed that I would have to cut away excess tape so I invested in a correction tape tool. This has made my planning routine much more simple.

I wanted to include some cute seasonal washi tape that I bought from Aloha Prints Co. I bought the autumn leaves to decorate my planner from September to November. The bottom washi tape is probably my favorite! I bought it to use in my October spread and I can't wait to use it! It's black and has Halloween candy and lollipops everywhere!

Where do you shop for stationary supplies?

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Stick With Me Shop ♥ Sticker Haul

Today's post is on one of my absolute favorite Etsy sticker shops, Stick With Me Shop! Jenny runs Stick With Me and is based in Toronto, Canada. She personally draws and designs the kawaiiest stickers I've ever seen! I only place an order from Stick With Me Shop when there is a promotion going on, Jenny doesn't offer any permanent Instagram discount at the moment so I take advantage of any deal or freebie she posts up.

This is my first purchase from Stick With Me, but I've already ordered more stickers since I took these photos! This particular order took four weeks to arrive. But honestly, all the cuteness was worth the wait!

Jenny offers a few sets that include four sheets of stickers. I decided to get the sweet/desserts sticker set. The kit includes many yummy cakes, doughnuts, ice cream, cupcakes, so many desserts to choose from! She also includes some banners, page flags, cute square boxes, half boxes, to do lists, check-off lists, and lots of decoration stickers. I also really love the lavender and pink combination!

When I saw the tea time stickers I completely fell in love! I mean, look at those lil tea bags! I also needed to buy the iced coffee and frappucino stickers, since I drink both way too often.

I also got some essentials stickers such as, workout stickers. I use these to mark down all the days I workout. Also bought cleaning stickers, to use on days when I have chores to do.

These are the freebies I received with this order. When I ordered Stick With Me Shop was having a promotion where you could choose any sheet from the shop for free! It was really hard to decided which sheet I wanted (so many cute choices) but I ended up getting the happy mail stickers. I also got a mini zip-lock bag with a few random stickers from the shop. I wish she didn't individually cut each sticker out. This makes it really difficult for me to find the stickers. When it comes to stickers, everything on one sheet is the best!

What's your favorite sticker shop?

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Aritaum Full Cover Liquid Concealer ♥ Beauty Review

I've never had a go-to concealer. I mainly just used whatever was popular at the moment, but those never worked out for me. They were either too heavy or didn't provide the type of coverage I wanted. So I decided to give Korean concealers a go. I've tried a few Korean concealers but I think I finally found the perfect concealer, the Aritaum Full Cover Liquid Concealer. I've been using this concealer since my summer vacation to Mexico and I haven't touched another concealer since then! Today I will be reviewing this amazing product and sharing what I love about it!

Product description
"Coverage for skin imperfection and pores! Only small amount of liquid can cover large area as making skin in sleek and flawless condition. Strong waterproof. No smudge at sweat, water, and sebum. Containing rose hip oil complex for moisturizing skin. Protect skin from dryness for all day long."

- Flawless high coverage
- Easy application
- Natural finish
- Affordable
- Comes with lots of product
- Moisturizing
- Blends easily
- Semi waterproof (but lasts all day)

- Only comes in two shades

My experience
When I first received this is the mail I notice the tube was huge! It contains so much product, it's like a full-size bb cream instead of a concealer. Since the concealer comes in a squeeze tube it makes for an effortless application, no mess and completely hygienic. I simply squeeze out the appropriate amount of product I need and blend with a brush or cushion puff. It dries to a semi-matte natural finish without drying out your skin or feeling heavy. A little product goes a long way. If you apply too much product it can come out looking cakey, which you do not want.

I don't have too many downsides, just the standard Korean 2 shades problem. And, this isn't a downside but just a warning, the formula does have a very slight yellow tone but it's barely noticeable.

Would you recommend this product?
Definitely! It's my all-time favorite concealer!

You can purchase the Aritaum Full Cover Liquid Concealer here

What's your favorite concealer?

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How To Save Money On Stickers ♥ 5 Etsy Tips

You guys have probably notice an abundant of Etsy sticker hauls on my blog lately. I'm not gonna lie, I have a sticker obsession. But let me tell you that this obsession can cost you $$$. That's why I thought it would be useful if I shared some money saving tips I've learned over the past couple of months. Keep in mind that these tips are from my experience of buying stickers off of Etsy. So if you are interested in Etsy stickers and buying them, this is perfect for you!

Make A Plan
Make a plan on what type of stickers you want to buy. Maybe, you want some decoration or holiday stickers. Or maybe, you want plain or patterned stickers. Whatever you want make sure to write a list as a reminder of what you want to buy, so you don't get sidetracked. Just make sure that every sheet of stickers you buy has a home in your planner. Back when I started buying stickers I would just buy anything that looks cute. Now I have multiple coffee stickers waiting to be used.

Have A Limit
It's easy to get lost in all the cute stationary, so before you hit the checkout button make a plan. Set a limit of how much money you would like to spend on stickers. I personally try to not spend over $20 on a single shop order, however you can set a limit of $15, $10 or even $30. This helps you not get carried away and spend too much money on each shop.

Follow Shops on SNS
A majority of Etsy shop's have a Instagram, Facebook, or some type of social media. Make sure to follow these shops for discounts, upcoming promotions and even flash deals! You can also get an exclusive look at future products and freebies! Did I mention opps grab bags? A lot of Etsy shop's have opps sales via Instagram where they include multiple sheet of stickers with minor flaws for a low price, these always sell out instantly!

Shop Smart
Every sticker shop has different prices. However, there are some shops that sell all of their stickers at the same price. It doesn't matter what holiday it is or if they're glossy or matte the prices stay the same, all the time. These type of shops are my favorite. I hate it when I'm shopping for stickers and one sheet may cost $3 and another one is like $6. A lot of shops also sell similar (literally identical) stickers so you might want to use the search bar and check if another shop is selling a sheet you want for a little less money. Never overpay for stickers.

Remember the Waiting Time
Most of the stickers I bought have arrived in over 1-2 weeks. This is the sad reality of sticker shops. Since most of the sellers work alone it takes a while for each sheet of stickers to be produced, packed and then shipped. If you are a patience person this might not annoy you but if you get too excited about stickers (like myself) then this will eventually get on your nerves sooner or later. Some things you might want to keep in mind when you order stickers is check where the shop is located and read how long processing time takes (this is usually located in the shop description).

Are you a Etsy stickerholic?

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Products I've Used Up ♥ Skincare Empties

Last month, I shared my first empties post so I decided I would share another, since I have so many empty bottles and tubes laying around. This empties post is all about skincare, my favorite topic! I'm sharing mostly Korean skincare products that I previously used up.

Paula's Choice Resist Moisture Renewal Oil Booster
I received this in a Birchbox from earlier this year and I loved it so much I decided to get the full-size. It's meant for people with dry-to-very dry skin but I have normal-to-oily combination skin and it worked perfectly for me. When I first stated using this I would apply this on as my last step in my skincare routine, as the final layer. However, I found out that mixing this oil in with my moisturizer was a even better combination.

Etude House Wonder Pore Whipping Foaming
I'm not a fan of foaming cleansers because they tend to be drying. But back when I was using this cleanser I was also using a oil cleanser so I thought that it wouldn't effect my skin. Boy was I wrong! I slowly started to notice dry patches appearing on my cheeks (which I never had before) but I didn't know where they were came from so I started using heavier emulsions, essences, and serums as an attempt to combat the dryness but they still remained. It wasn't until I stop using this cleanser that the spots started to diminish slowly. I was surprised that this cleanser did this to my skin, especially since it's a very popular cleanser. I wouldn't recommend this product, based on my experience. But if you have a different type of skin type maybe it will work for you.

The Face Shop Rice Ceramide Moisture Emulsion
This was my first emulsion I ever used and it's the reason why I keep using emulsions to this day! They all very hydrating and keep my skin moisturized.

It's Skin Power 10 Formula WR Effector
This serum is formulated with arbutin and whitening agents to tackle dark spots and wrinkles. This was one of the best serums I've ever used! It gives my face a youthful glow and a bright finish. Will definitely repurchase again in the future!

Nature Republic Super Aqua Max Combination Watery Cream
Back when I used this cream my skin felt amazing! I haven't used too many moisturizers/creams that I would consider my favorite but this is by far my favorite I ever used! I'm actually surprised I haven't bought another jar already. The cream has a gel consistency that absorbs quickly and moisturizes your face insantly.

What products have your used up recently?

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Aloha Prints Co ♥ Stationary Haul

For today's Etsy haul/review I will be reviewing Aloha Prints Co. Aloha Prints Co is a Etsy stationary shop based in Hawaii. The shop features cute pens, stickers and washi tape. I've bought from Aloha Prints multiple times before and they're process and shipping time is extremely fast! I would highly recommend this shop to you guys if you are ever in need of washi tape or a set of rainbow pens for an affordable price.

Back when I first ordered from Aloha Prints Co it was midsummer and I wanted summer and dessert printed washi tape. I bought a teal mermaid scale and pineapple washi. I also bought some cute sweet cakes slices and macaron washi tape. They're all absolutely kawaii!

As you guys know I am obsessed with Baymax, I love that huggable marshmallow! So, when I saw these Baymax pattern pens on her Instagram I absolutely had to get them! The set comes with 10 different colored pens all stored together in a convenient plastic case.

Where do you shop for stationary supplies?

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Memebox Haul ♥ Shara Shara, Secret Key, Etc

Memebox haul
I placed my first order from Memebox a few weeks ago and wanted to talk about my experience. I didn't actually buy a Memebox but I picked up a few products from their online store.

 For those who don't know what Memebox is, it's a online Korean beauty store that sells the latest trendy Korean beauty products. They are especially know for their themed boxes that contain a few full-size products handpicked buy Blogging, Youtube, Instagram stars. They also always have discounts or promotions going on so I highly recommend you follow them on sns.

Memebox haul
My package actually came in really fast! It took less then a week for my package to arrive, they ship from the US. Everything came nicely packaged and they even included some samples!

Shara Shara Black Bear Miracle Capsule Cream
Not gonna lie I only bought this cream because of the adorable packaging! This rich miracle capsule cream is suppose to help skin troubles, such as anti-aging. It has whitening, repairing and moisturizing properties and is not made from any harmful ingredients. They also have a illuminating/brightening version, which you can get here.

Secret Key Milk Brightening Toner
Secret Key Milk Brightening Toner
My current toner is running low so I went ahead and bought my next toner. This is a brightening milk toner. It is suppose to brighten and hydrate your face without drying out your face. It's also free from parabens, henoxyethanol, benzophenone, mineral and animal oils.

Freeset Donkey Milk Gel Sheet Mask Whitening
Donkey milk is quickly becoming more and more popular in South Korea. I've seen sleeping packs, moisturizers, essences, etc. I thought I would try out this new skincare trend so I bought one of the Freeset sheet masks. They have three different versions but I decided to get the whitening one gel sheet mask.

Memebox haul
Since I've converted to cushions I haven't used makeup brushes in months! I've been using cushion puffs to apply my bb/cc creams and cushions but these puffs can be hard to clean! Instead of cleaning them (which I will eventually get to) I've been buying more puffs to use. I saw that Memebox had a set  of 5 for $5 so I had to buy them! They feel different from the regular cushions you get in a cushion. I also haven't tested them out yet so I can't say whether or not they work the same. I'll keep you guys updated though!

They included a few samples with my order, which I always appreciate! I'm one of those who actually uses the samples I get. I especially love receiving sleeping packs, essences, emulsions and serums!

Memebox haul
Have you ordered anything off Memebox before?

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